Social media has become a major part of most businesses’ marketing plans. Social Media channels like Twitter are able to not only drive traffic to a brands website but also create relationships with potential customers and generate leads.

While there are many industries that can leverage social media, one industry in particular inching very slowly towards fully grasp the power of social media is real estate. There are some real estate companies who have a Facebook page, an account with LinkedIn and Twitter but for some reason are seeing the same amount of sales as before social media, while a minority of  savvy real estate professionals embracing the idea of social media and finding success. Below are three tips by the real estate agents who find success on social, on maximizing your potential and capitalizing the power of Twitter.

Develop a Personal Brand
Building a personal brand online is a must to gaining trust and earning the business online. The Real Estate industry is one where a buyer or seller is much more likely to do a background search on their agent before connecting face-to-face. For that reason, it’s more important than ever to build a brand through a mix of both educating and engaging your audience.

In a world where more than 70% of consumers are using social media, it’s becoming more and more likely for potential clients to make assumptions based on your online persona. Thus, it’s important for you to invest in putting effort into your network on social media and establishing yourself as an authority as it relates to real estate.

To be regarded as an authority in the real estate field, you must provide quality content that speaks to the needs of both buyers and sellers. You will wan’t to create and share content ranging from Tips & Tricks for Fixer Uppers to the Ultimate Guide to Home Staging but more importantly, you need to help people out in your area of expertise. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd and become an authority in your region and industry.

Spend Your Time Effectively
It’s easy to get distracted when using social media amidst the hundreds and thousands of notifications on Twitter & Facebook & LinkedIn.

When you’re using Twitter you need to ensure that your goals are being thought about. If you’re looking to increase the number of relationships you have within a specific community; you need to use Twitter to build real relationships with people. Send them a tweet wishing them all the best when they announce that they have a new job or respond quickly when they ask where the best coffee shop is downtown. These simple tactics allow you to build a relationship and ideally a future client.

Listen Attentively
An often neglected side of social media is that of listening. Listening is a great way to not only better understand what your customers want but also a way to truly add value to the conversation. Too often do people jump into Twitter without gauging the conversations. Sometimes these individuals make the mistake of jumping into conversations without accurately knowing what they’re getting themselves into.

Think about it: identifying, generating and closing leads is all possible if you listen to conversations on twitter. It could truly be the difference between being irrelevant and having great success over the next five years. You have the opportunity to start building relationships with people who are going to be on the market for a home in the future, today. You have an opportunity to not only build a relationship with them personally, but also an opportunity to develop a reputation for your brand.


Social Media, most significantly Twitter is the new word of mouth. And since Real Estate Agency is all about reputation, you can reign the market if you start early and use Social Media wisely.