Publicis Modem a global digital agency network that works with world-class companies in more than 40 countries and has over 1,000 digital employees has partnered with LeadSift to to help its clients drive real results from social media. The global digital agency offers a range of integrated marketing services, including strategy and planning; award-winning creative design and execution; media research, planning and buying; search marketing; online and offline direct marketing; and technology enablement. Combining their existing talents with LeadSift’s capabilities will help Publicis Modem drive more success for their clients in the future.

LeadSift cuts through the noise of social media to find relevant, timely and actionable opportunities for targeted engagement with customers and prospects. LeadSift goes beyond the standard keyword search found on Twitter to truly understand who’s looking for the products or services that businesses offer. The delivery of timely and relevant business opportunities can drive meaningful results ranging from brand advocacy, stronger customer engagement and an increase in sales.

“We’ve scanned and analyzed billions of conversations online to develop an algorithm that indicates relevance and purchase intent within social posts. This helps to provide insight to sales teams and marketers so they can take the right action” explains Kevin Dolan, VP of Business Development at LeadSift. “The number of opportunities that exist on social media is huge; agencies and brands alike need to be efficient in cutting through the noise and finding true value. The LeadSift platform helps them do just that. Our ambition is to turn social media channels into a significant revenue stream for the world’s leading brands. Partnering up and working with Publicis we are already starting to see that for some of the world’s largest brands.”

The LeadSift Platform helps bring businesses and brands closer to their consumers. LeadSift sifts through vast amounts of social data from networks like Twitter and Facebook to identify consumers who are interested in buying products or services within a particular vertical or category. The delivery of these timely and relevant business opportunities can drive engagement that has an immediate impact on client success.

“We are now witnessing a huge shift in the way consumers use technology on their paths to purchase” said Jessica Balter, Group Account Director at Publicis Modem. “Today’s consumers are self-initiated and self-directed; meaning brands can influence the purchase journey, but we can’t dictate it. The LeadSift tool, combined with an effective social engagement strategy, allows us to pinpoint moments of truth in the consumer purchase journey and tailor content to their needs, in order to drive real results for our clients.”

About LeadSift: LeadSift brings brands and businesses closer to their customers. Our technology sifts though massive amounts of social data so businesses can easily identify customers and engage with them within context. We’ve scanned and analyzed millions of conversations online to develop an algorithm that indicates relevance and purchase intent within social posts. Social media shouldn’t be overwhelming, instead, it should connect brands with customers to drive trust and value, and we’re here to make sure of it.