On a cold January day, we were introduced to the New Brunswick based accelerator program, PropelICT – a new initiative that will have meetings every week and help launch startups. We were barely more than a bunch of nerds with a brilliant idea and some code so we were skeptical – Will we be accepted? Are we ready? Can we drive down to NB every week?


As crazy as we are, we decided the drive will be fun since it’ll be summer so we applied and got offered to pitch to get accepted into the program and in the mentor camp event, we were picked to be among the top 4 teams! What followed, we never imagined could happen in the Maritimes.


Along with putting in 6500km in a month and a broken down car sold for $350, we were being hounded for the next 5 months by the fearless leader and taskmaster Trevor MacAusland to keep up with startup life. Customer interviews, validations, UX design, resource planning, legal matters, technical scalability – Trevor and a crew of the most awesome mentors drove us until we had an answer for every difficult question. A special personal thanks goes to Shawn Carver, Adam MacDonald, Todd Murphy, Gerry Pond, Ian Cavanagh, Robert Cowan, Brian Dunphy, Lorne Brett, Dan Martell and to everyone else who has dedicated their time to PropelICT, and definitely to Sean Fahey, Eric Gingles and our Halifax fellow traveller Thane Shubaly, for the awesome times.


We “graduated” with connections into the industry that take people years, or even a life time to forge. We met people that we only read about, who selflessly donated evenings, weekends, holidays, late night – for talks, meetings, Skype calls, emails. We learned of the sacrifices and the highs of being an entrepreneur, removed the entry for “weekends” from our dictionary, took the difficult decisions and realized we are not alone in this journey.


We learned to Hustle and we learned that being an entrepreneur is not a career path, it’s not a lifestyle, it IS life. LeadSift was shot with adrenaline and Propelled into the right path.


We can never thank enough, the Propel Team, the mentors and the cohorts for the experience in the last 5 months, but the truth is – at LeadSift, we’re now ready to be the future, to make history.