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Data You Can Trust

Leads You Can Action

SaaS Teams

B2B sales and marketing teams use intent data to perfect messaging, nail timing, and focus on deals that are most likely to close.


Agencies add LeadSift to create stickier offerings, keep outbound teams motivated, and book more meetings for their clients.


MarTech companies build with our API to be able to seamlessly offer intent to their customers directly in their platforms.

How customers use it

60% of Siemplify’s Revenue¬†Starts with LeadSift


No more guessing which leads to reach within your target accounts. LeadSift let’s your team know who to prioritize, what they’re engaging with, and all the contact details so you stay ahead of competitors.

Ad Audiences

B2B ad targeting done right with
intent-driven audience. Make sure you’re reaching accounts that actually care about the thing you’re advertising. Intent audiences makes targeting on any ad platform easier than ever.


Imagine if your SDR team could focus on the leads most likely to book meetings. LeadSift provides intent at the contact level so your team stays motivated by reaching the right leads first, and closes more deals, faster.

Team at B2BMX

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Bailey Darling

Bailey Darling

Head of Sales

Olivia Kenney

Olivia Kenney

Head of Marketing

Tukan Das

Tukan Das