Unlimited intent leads daily

The Process

We’re all about transparency. Here’s what your buying process with LeadSift will look like.

1. Book a Demo

Meet with us to:

  • Assess your current sales and marketing workflow – what works and what doesn’t
  • Get a look at the intent-based leads found just for you
  • Learn how LeadSift could fit into your process and tool stack

2. Assess Your Sample Data

See how LeadSift adds value by getting sample data of relevant leads tailored to:

  • Your competitors
  • Your ideal buyer personas
  • Topics relevant to your solutions


Do you offer a free trial?

We don’t offer free trials but we do offer free sample data based on your target buyers and competitors. 

What do you mean by "intent stream"?

An intent stream is how we deliver the data. The options are email, ads, or target account streams. They are be based on product categories, product lines, buyer persona, or geography. 

What are custom triggers?

Custom triggers are ways to customize your intent search with keywords, competitors, and job postings that are specific to you. They stretch further than what is included in your business categories.

How can agencies use LeadSift?

Agencies can use LeadSift to provide added value to their clients by providing actionable leads already in the buyers journey as well as enhanced personalization based on intent signals. Get in touch to get custom pricing for your agency.

Do you offer single licenses?

Right now all LeadSift plans are unlimited seats. If you’re interested in a single-license structure, click the button below to get updates if this option becomes available.

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