Account-based sales is a fresh, new method of lead generation that is more targeted, higher performing, and delivers better quality sales opportunities. Is your sales development team taking advantage of it?

We’re always listening to the needs of our customers and keeping an eye on the pulse of the industry, and it’s clear that account-based sales is the latest and greatest sales method that sales teams are clamoring for. And in response we’ve developed a new feature to give you an edge when targeting accounts.

Why account-based sales?

Account-based sales is a relatively new method of approaching lead generation – one that can greatly improve the results your sales development reps bring in.

Typically, it involves identifying one or several accounts to target. Rather than reaching out to leads un-strategically, this enables SDRs to coordinate their efforts and focus on a single account at a time.

Prospects within each account are identified. Each account may have several prospects that are a good match with your buyer persona and are in a position to make a purchase. By reaching out to multiple prospects from a single account, your SDRs have a better chance of reaching the right person to turn that account into a customer.

Account-based sales also heavily relies on providing great quality content that is laser-focused to the needs and challenges of each account. This shows prospects that you understand their needs, and that your solution can address them. Using this content, your SDRs can reach out to targeted prospects using multiple touch points (such as email, LinkedIn and phone calls) to build a relationship and ultimately close a sale.

How the new feature works

Existing and new LeadSift customers can now enjoy greater visibility into the activities of key prospects within accounts they are targeting.

Our new feature allows you to track prospects from your top targeted accounts, and get a notification any time they engage with related content. All you have to do is send us a list of the company names and domains you want to track, and we will set up special notifications within your CRM or spreadsheet whenever they engage with relevant content.

What you can do with your account-based leads

Looking to crack a new account? By tracking key prospects, like the VP of marketing, IT director or other decision-maker, you can see when they engage with competitor or industry content. This tells you that they are reading content within your industry, and they might be close to making a purchase decision – it’s a great way to time your initial outreach.

Or, if you already have inroads with an account, you can track key prospects’ content engagement to determine where they are along the buyer’s journey. This can go a long way in informing your sales team of the best way to build a relationship with the prospects, and the best type of content to offer them.

Even simply prioritizing interactions with account-based leads already in your system versus net new leads can improve your close rate.

Account-based selling is improving results for forward-thinking sales teams worldwide, and we’re pleased to be able to bring you the ability to incorporate it into your own lead generation.