Business moves quickly, and we want to help our clients stay ahead of the pack. That’s why we’ve created a new LeadSift feature which will show you what topics are trending in your industry right now – including hashtags, content pieces and even events that you might not otherwise have been aware of.

Our Trending Content Topics tool picks up the top keywords that your competitors are using and delivers them to your inbox every week. And the best part? Using machine learning, we not only identify popular keywords, we identify the best performing keywords and deliver them to you. That means that we only suggest topics that have achieved high engagement from your competitors’ prospects. Essentially, your competitor has already validated these topics and they’re ready for you to jump on.

Let’s use a sales enablement business as an example of how this works. When setting up their LeadSift account, they included 7 major competitors to track, as well as 10 industry keywords. A few weeks in, they receive the following list of topics from our new tool:

LeadSift Trending Keywords

Each of these six topics is relevant to their industry, competitors, and their own prospects. They discover that there are three events (Callidus Cloud Connections, Revenue Summit and Digital Marketing for Financial Services West) that are either ongoing or coming up in the near future. After looking into them, they decide to attend two, and follow the Twitter conversation of the third closely, looking for new leads. Plus, they now have new insight into topics and hashtags that their competitors are finding success with.

So how can you use this new feature?

Our clients are seeing four major benefits so far:

1. Generating new leads

Each of the newly suggested topics is a potential source for new leads. You can plug them into the LeadSift platform, and get an entirely new batch of leads based on topics and content your competitors are already using.

2. Learning about upcoming events

Keeping tabs on all of the events in your industry can be a challenge. Using the Trending Content Topics tool, however, you can see which events your competitors are talking about, and which ones of those are resonating best with their prospects. This can uncover real opportunities for exposure and networking.

3. High level competitive analysis

Gaining visibility into the type of content your competitors are sharing can be a valuable source of competitive analysis. Combined with other metrics, you can use this to track what is working for the competition and use that to refine your own business strategy.

4. Fresh content topics

Your competitors are already seeing great engagement from these topics, so why not benefit from their efforts? Use them to fuel your own content marketing pipeline and create social, blog, email and other content around what’s trending.

We are sure the Trending Content Topic tool will quickly become a favorite for our clients, and we look forward to the innovative ways you leverage these new insights.