Did you know that an average of seven decision-makers are involved in the typical B2B buying process? These are the people you need to be talking to in order to make a sale. But engaging with the right contacts can be difficult – if not impossible – if you don’t know how to first identify them.

That’s where our newest feature comes in.

To help you build relationships with all of the right decision-makers across the target account, we’ve developed an Account Based Sales module. This module delivers not only those prospects who have engaged with competitor or industry content, but also other, related contacts that are identified as potential decision-makers.

For example, let’s say you want to sell your marketing automation SaaS product to a large account. Our data shows you that James Smith, VP of Marketing, has engaged with your competitor’s content recently – and that’s a great start. You know that he is interested in a product similar to your own, which means he somewhere along the buyer’s journey.

The new Account Based Sales module goes a step further in targeting prospects at this account. Along with the contact information for James Smith, you will receive contact information for other key decision-makers at that account, in the Marketing function. They will appear alongside other prospects, and clearly labeled as “Related Contacts” so that you know how they were sourced.

These additional contacts may not have engaged with competitor or industry content, but they are the right people to talk to to make a sale. They may influence James Smith’s decision, or they may be earlier in the buyer’s journey. By reaching out and developing a relationship with each contact, you have more opportunities to showcase your product, and illustrate how it can help make their lives better.

We’re confident that our new module will help our customers achieve better success with account-based sales and marketing. The more contacts at a single account, the more chances to leave an impression.

This feature pairs well with our Key Account Tracking feature. This feature will notify you any time a key prospect – which you identify and we create alerts for – engaged with related content. This offers greater visibility into the activities of prospects like James Smith and shows you more precisely where they are along the buyer’s journey.

Used in tandem with the ability to identify key decision-makers, you will be armed with the knowledge you need to know who to reach out to, and how to time your outreach to align with their needs.