LeadSift’s aim is to provide sales teams and marketers with the most behavioral intent data possible, so that they can act quickly and intelligently. If you know what your prospects and target accounts are doing, you can be proactive and reach them with great messaging at the right time. No reactive selling or marketing too late to win a deal. That is the old mantra, and it has changed. We want to make revenue generation a science and speed up the reaction time.

We know that sales people prospect using triggers, like accounts winning funding, or decision maker job changes. We’re excited to announce that as of today with our new feature release, we arm sales people with that intelligence quicker than they could get it before, as well as save them the time researching who to reach out to.


Context for your prospecting and marketing

Here’s what potent prospectors and marvel marketers use as context, or triggers for their outbound messaging:

  1. Engagements with competitors
  2. Event attendances
  3. Job postings
  4. Job changes
  5. Funding rounds
  6. Mergers and acquisitions


The good news is that we have now added intelligence on who is hiring in your market and target accounts to our platform. No more scanning LinkedIn for job postings! We already find winning sales teams and baller marketers the engagements happening with their prospects and their competitors. That, and the events their prospects are looking at.

Even better, we’re adding funding rounds intelligence to the platform too. That’s coming soon.


Salesforce is now your friend

We know that you don’t want this intelligence sat in an Excel file on your desktop. That’s why our Salesforce integration exists, but it’s improving.

This week, we’ve improved:

  1. Attribution: If you don’t measure it, did it happen at all? Nobody knows! We’re here to change this, connect your Salesforce account and we can now calculate your ROI.


  1. Notifications: We will notify your team of any accounts that they are working on! Imagine, getting notified that the stalled deal is now talking to a competitor, or your current customer is hiring and might need more seats. Yeah, we think it’s awesome.


  1. Updated Intelligence: If you already have the lead or contact in your CRM, no problem, we’ll simply add in the intelligent triggers so you can reference it!


  1. Enrich your accounts (Coming soon): When you connect your SF and moving forward, we will push in little nuggets of data such as, what technologies they use, if they’ve had a recent funding, won an award, opened a new office, have a mobile app etc. All to arm you with everything you need for prospecting better!


If you’re ready to save buckets of time every day and reach people at the right time to guide them to a decision, it’s time you tested LeadSift. Get 50 free accounts showing intent to buy from you, from us.