Over the last few years, marketers have continued to struggle with pulling actionable insights from the social data available to them. We’ve tossed and turned looking for new ways to drive results from social media and have had mixed results from industry to industry. As more and more data is made available, it’s becoming even more challenging to identify what is the right data and how to isolate the conversations that matter most.

Tactics that have been used in the past such as a simple Twitter keyword search for relevant phrases no longer does the job. Conducting a simple search will deliver a stream of content that is rarely relevant and often nothing more than noise.

As consumers continue to use social media to publicly discuss their buying process starting with awareness, consideration, evaluation, purchase intent and post purchase reaction. Brands and marketers are facing a significant opportunity to drive meaningful results for their business. Yet, it’s still one of the frequently overlooked opportunities on social media as businesses are still not engaging with potential and existing customers.

Over the next few months, we will be diving deep into a variety of industries to reveal and uncover the insights surrounding the opportunities that continue to go untapped. We will reveal how much money these opportunities are worth and what industries are still ripe for disruption and a leader to capitalize on the growing trend.

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