Lola was looking to grow their database with high quality net new leads, especially those that fit their target persona and were showing interest in relevant topics online. They did not have any automated way of scaling their database and were looking for a way to add more contacts on an ongoing basis.



When Lola started working with LeadSift, they were able to get a constant flow of net new leads showing Intent Signals directly into their marketing automation platform (Marketo). These leads have quality contact information, relevant job titles, and fit their ideal customer profile. Lola nurtures these leads with automated marketing campaigns and enables their sales reps to reach out to them based on their score.



LeadSift has been critical for Lola’s success in building out their database with net new leads and target accounts exhibiting Intent Signals.The data is of high quality and has helped their sales team create new opportunities every month. The leads sourced from LeadSift have allowed Lola to hit its monthly net new lead goal on a regular basis.


“LeadSift has helped us generate a high quantity of net new leads that fit our key personas and ideal customer profile. These leads are added to our database automatically and have quality contact information. With LeadSift, we’re able to consistently grow our database with exactly the people we want to market to. It has been key for us hitting our monthly net new lead goal on a regular basis.”


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About Lola

Lola is the #1 rated business travel management platform that allows companies to book, manage, and save money on corporate travel.


About LeadSift

LeadSift identifies B2B prospects based on intent signals, qualifies them, and delivers them to your inbox. Whenever a prospect engages with your competitor’s content, or content published within your industry, LeadSift will discover and deliver them directly to you – complete with verified and accurate company and contact info.