LeadSift has morphed a few times, albeit into something better and more focused every time. From a team that developed Twecan.com – an exploratory search engine (which definitely came before it’s time… over 3  years ago), now brings a new way of targeted marketing and generating leads – and it is completely automatic! That’s not all that puts up apart; the SMART ranking algorithm, a result of months of hard research by the 4 nerdy co-founders with graduate degrees in Computer Science ensures that the hottest leads get addressed first. Armed with the invaluable advice from the best mentors from Atlantic Canada and an unsurpassable passion for an excellent product, LeadSift is the entrepreneurial venture to watch out for.

To give the readers a little snippet of what we’re upto, we compiled some analytics we ran from the tweets we collected from Halifax and surrounding area, over a month…


From a sample of 11,000 twitter accounts we downloaded, 2,300 were corporate ones, which means about 80% of all user accounts are personal account.


Of all the users, over 81.5% have joined Twitter in the last 3 years and is an increasing trend, with more users signing up every year!

Also, interestingly, the majority of users post around a 1000 messages – enough to implicitly extract profile information and preferences.

27.64% of all users use smart phones that have geo-location enabled and 44.92% of the users have a website listed in their bio description – which hints that most Twitter users are tech savvy and educated. Interestingly, only around 0.5% of users identify their posts to be non-English.