LeadSift Partners with Outplay to Empower B2B Sales Teams with Intent-Led Sales Engagement

HALIFAX, NSLeadSift, a leading buyer intent data platform, and Outplay, a complete sales engagement platform, are partnering up to make it easier than ever to reach out to, track, and measure your intent-led sales outreach.

This strategic partnership will allow B2B companies to not only identify high-intent leads but seamlessly enroll them in high-conversion sales sequences. This provides sales professionals both the contacts and workflows required to engage in genuine conversations with decision-makers at scale and grow revenue.

“Intent data can arm teams to do better but data is only as good as its activation plan,” says LeadSift co-founder and head of product Sreejata Chatterjee. “The Outplay platform makes it super easy for beginners and savvy customers to create the best multi-channel data activation plays.”

“When your multi-channel sales outreach engine is fed with high intent leads, your sales team is empowered to close more deals, faster,” says Outplay CEO, Laxman Papineni. “If you do not have this in place, you are leaving money on the table, plus you are giving your competitors a chance to walk away with deals that should have been yours. And that’s why Outplay has joined hands with LeadSift to give sales teams across the globe an edge.”

About LeadSift

LeadSift is an intent data platform helping B2B technologies companies identify in-market customers at the contact level and engage with them with relevant messaging. Moving beyond targeting by static profile elements like title or company size, we can show you who is engaging with competitors, keywords, and events that are relevant to your company from the public web. Learn more about LeadSift.

About Outplay

Outplay is a sales engagement platform enabling global sales teams to engage in genuine conversations at scale, & get insights to drive revenue growth. Learn more about Outplay.

Both companies will offer their customers a discount on the other’s service. This means LeadSift customers can receive 15% off Outplay, and Outplay customers can receive 15% off LeadSift. To learn more about this reach out to your customer success manager.

If you’re a LeadSift customer, email [email protected] for more information.

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