LeadSift, a B2B Intent Data organization announces a strategic partnership with MetaData.io, the AI-fueled marketing operations platform featuring new ways to help B2B Marketers run digital campaigns without depending on IP Matching.

With less than 5% of your audience actively searching for your services or products during various phases of the buying cycle, it is essential for B2B Marketers to concentrate their intent on in-market buyers. LeadSift’s Intent Data stream helps B2B Marketers Identify Contacts and Accounts indicating intent signals by mining publicly accessible web sources.

“Knowing which Contacts and Accounts to engage with – based on Intent signals, is a massive advantage for B2B Marketers. To truly operationalize intent data, marketers need to reach buyers across multiple digital channels with personalized content as they go through the buying journey” – Tukan Das, CEO of LeadSift

The continuous new trend of working from home has represented an intriguing challenge for Digital Marketers that depend on technology advances mapping IP addresses from anonymous internet users to their businesses, but home IP addresses do not map to their corporate online profiles. This is making it more difficult to accurately execute on ABM campaigns, which is a top priority for B2B Marketers.

With LeadSift’s public web signals – advertisers and marketers are now able to prioritize their pipeline, and automatically contact them utilizing Metadata’s autonomous demand generation platform, all without depending on matching IP addresses.

“Utilizing plan signals from LeadSift, Metadata clients can now laser-focus on the purchasers from their objective record records utilizing identifiers like email address, which is a substantially more successful approach to target B2B experts as they telecommute all the more much of the time,” said Gil Allouche, CEO Metadata.io.

More About LeadSift

LeadSift is the most actionable B2B intent data provider on the market. Helping organizations identify and prioritize the prospects and accounts they should be targeting, relying on data from millions of Unstructured Public Web Documents to identify when prospects are showing an increased interest in competitors and relevant topics. The end output is a contact enriched with corporate details, contact information, and information on what they have been researching. Over 100 of the leading B2B SaaS, including Brainshark, Tipalti, Rubrik, Ceridian, InsightSquared use LeadSift to help optimize ad spend, marketing nurture campaigns, and sales outreach.

More About MetaData.io

Metadata is the autonomous demand platform that optimizes your social and digital ad spend to help you quickly create more quality demand and pipeline from your target accounts. Our patented AI and machine learning platform analyzes historical CRM data to identify who should be seeing your ads, then our multivariate testing engine tests hundreds of variations and optimizes to what delivers the best results most efficiently. The result? Quality pipeline from target accounts generated quickly.

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