Our new self serve system enables small and medium size businesses to tap into the power of social data, identify current and potential customers, grow their audience, and distribute targeted messages. By delivering quality leads with a classification metric similar to a Klout Score, this LeadSift platform will allow SMB’s to bring in new business, fill sales quotas, build meaningful relationships through engagement, save time and gather key insights surrounding their audience.

Our latest release is an easy to use platform that we’re excited to share. Customers have already been using our self-serve platform and have accomplished key goals and objectives as a result. Here’s what two of our customers had to say:

“LeadSift is an easy to use platform that has added to our sales channel mix and provided us with new leads we would’ve otherwise missed.” – Aaron Hanson Account Director at Exygy

“Engaging with customers around custom products that make them stick is very important for StickerYou. LeadSift helps to clear through the clutter of conversations in social media and find only most relevant conversations.” – Brad Lister, Sales and Marketing Manager @ StickerYou.com

To help illustrate the power of our self-serve platform, imagine if you were to take one of the famous, Where’s Waldo books and on every page, Waldo was already circled. Now replace the books with your industry, and Waldo with your customers; that’s the power of using LeadSift. We reveal and deliver social engagement opportunities directly to our customers to save them time and money.

Here are a few other ways our self serve platform can help:

  • Quality leads  – LeadSift ranks list of leads by a LeadScore calculated through natural language processing, which currently uses over 50 signals to identify and score leads from social data and accurately identify them as hot, warm or cold.
  • Target customers in specific areas – Geo-targets leads for businesses by allowing them to choose location of leads from city-specific to global target areas.
  • Manage and track social leads – Engage with leads directly through the platform and keep track of the results of each engagement.
  • Personalize engagement – Advanced customer profile information associated with each lead through examining historical posts for every lead to find psychographic information
  • Save valuable time – LeadSift cuts through the noise by sifting through millions of Twitter conversations to find only the most relevant business opportunities.

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