With the explosion of user-generated content on social networks, rapid mobile adoption, the proliferation of internet of things – we are in the middle of a data revolution. For businesses, this presents a challenge and an opportunity to analyze this vast stream of data and fundamentally change how sales and marketing decisions are made.

At LeadSift we’ve analyzed billions of public social conversations and interest graph data to understand and organize information about the world’s digital consumers. With the launch of the Consumer Insights API today, companies can now leverage our consumer data to build proprietary solutions to get a comprehensive understanding of their customers and prospects.

Pioneering sales and marketing platforms are increasingly using data science to provide actionable insights and enable their customers to make smarter decisions. By enriching contact data using the API, these platforms will be able to offer their customers an unprecedented view of their prospects, with minimal resource and time investment. This product differentiation is crucial at a time where competition is fierce among CRM, marketing automation and other platforms.

Companies that leverage data to better understand their customers and personalize their engagement with them will edge out their competitors, making any platform that enables them to do so an attractive offering.

The API launched in closed beta 6 months ago and we have been blown away by the diverse and creative use-cases of our data by our early adopters. With our data, you can now do things like:

  • Transform your customer records from static contact information to a 360-degree view of the user.
  • Personalize all your engagement with your customers and prospects.
  • Analyze and understand your target audience. Compare them with your competitors.
  • Stay on top of all your real-time marketing efforts and see who they resonate with.
  • Predict how many of your customers or prospects will likely engage or buy from your company in the near future.
  • See how many of your customers are excited about the NBA finals or deeply care about the latest charity event you sponsored.
  • Optimize your media spend by reaching your customers with a relevant message on the channels they are likely to log into most often.

With the LeadSift API you get access to the richest set of insights about your customers, prospects and competitors. The API will help you understand your customers and get closer to them.

The LeadSift Consumer Insights API is available publicly as of today and we are here to help you get setup with the simple integration. We are looking forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll build using this data.