CloudHealth Technologies needed new and better-qualified leads in their pipeline. Having recently adopted an account-based marketing approach, they wanted to kick-start their new program and get some big successes under their belt.



The sales team at CloudHealth Technologies has a target account list that they use to reach out to new prospects. In order to grow this list, they turned to LeadSift.


“We wanted to see more leads coming in that would convert,” says Jeff Wharton, Director of Demand Generation & Regional Marketing. “LeadSift’s intent-based lead identification process was the perfect pairing with our ABM approach.”


Not only are they using LeadSift to identify and add new accounts to their list, they are also using it to build out depth into each target company. When a VP or other high-level lead comes in via LeadSift, the sales team uses additional tools to identify other individuals at the company who fit their buyer personas. This gives them new avenues for setting up meetings and closing deals with the right decision-makers.



A significant portion of leads coming into CloudHealth Technologies’ demand generation pipeline are now from LeadSift, and the quality of these leads has delivered a big uptick in conversions.


“We measure the success of our pipeline by the number of meetings held, and in our first 90 days of using LeadSift this number has increased,” explains Wharton. “Within just one hour of turning it on, we had a meeting scheduled.”


In March, for example, LeadSift contributed to 15% of CloudHealth’s demand generation originated pipeline.

Looking ahead, CloudHealth Technologies predicts a 150% ROI in the next 12 months of using LeadSift.


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About CloudHealth Technologies

The CloudHealth platform is redefining cloud management through detailed analysis, integrated reporting, and rock-solid governance practices that enable enterprises and MSPs to control cloud chaos and maximize return on cloud investments. Unite and automate your cloud with a platform built to save serious time and money and help make confident decisions around cost, usage, performance and security.


About LeadSift

LeadSift identifies B2B prospects based on intent signals, qualifies them, and delivers them to your inbox. Whenever a prospect engages with your competitor’s content, or content published within your industry, LeadSift will discover and deliver them directly to you – complete with verified and accurate company and contact info.