How will the next wave of marketers gain the attention of the average consumer? And how will B2B organizations get in front of the appropriate decision maker?


Hyper-personalization is defined as: “the use of data to provide more personalized and targeted products, services and content.”

We are extremely proud to have contributed to a recent VentureBeat Insight Report on hyper-personalization: what customers want and what they hate, as we continue to watch clients progress along with the industry in adopting tools and strategies to stay on the right side of personalized marketing.

The report, a compilation of surveying over 1,700 consumers, supplemented by valuable recommendations and best practices from experts, vendors and commentators in the field, including contributions from our CEO, is designed to help marketers create a playbook for personalization that avoids “creepy communications”. Personalization is a big deal because it produces high returns on investment, and increases conversion rates, click-throughs, and more. But there are significant challenges.

LeadSift has deep experience in identifying product affinity, channel affinity, interest, intent and other personal data points to help hyper-segment prospects and customers with impressive results.

“Using Twitter, LeadSift created several audiences to help Transamerica Insurance reach its most relevant audience with the right message and at tremendous scale. By understanding individual interests via public social media data analysis, LeadSift was able to target individuals rather than broad segments. For one of its direct response campaigns (which involved driving consumers to an online survey) TransAmerica achieved 86% greater engagement at 74% cheaper cost per engagement than baseline targeting, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.”

If you are considering a social intelligence platform, we would be happy to contribute to the conversation.

Download the full report from the VentureBeat Insight website and learn more about our targeting capabilities, including personalization guidance.