Back in 2012 when we started LeadSift; our goal was to mine all the user intent on the social web. We started off by identifying social conversations relating to sales opportunities. Over the past 18 months we have helped hundreds of businesses (both SMB’S and Fortune 500 companies) sell a variety of products like cars, phones, TVs, apartment rentals, professional services and more via 1-1 engagement on social media – All the while bringing them closer to their customers.

While on-boarding more and more customers, we listened to their biggest social needs and challenges for monetizing Twitter – more targeting options and wider audience reach. Today I am super excited to announce the launch of LeadSift Audience Intent Miner (AIM). LeadSift AIM helps digital marketers Identify, Understand and Reach “in-market” consumers from social media. The platform identifies consumers who are in the market for specific products and services and then extracts demographic and psychographic data allowing marketers to tailor their message to the right audience.

There are two key aspects of LeadSift AIM, that sets us apart from all other marketing tools:

  • We track and group consumers across the entire buying journey: Brand Awareness, Identification of Need, Consideration & Evaluation, Post Purchase.
  • Using public data from Twitter, we can automatically build incredibly rich consumer profiles of all the buying audience, allowing advertisers Facebook style Targeting capabilities on Twitter.

Lets say you have a flash sale for the latest shoes on your e-commerce site, you can now target consumers who are in the consideration and evaluation phase for buying a new pair of shoes. If you were selling organic baby food you can simply filter by family status, lifestyle and location. The possibilities are endless: you can now reach consumers between age 24-35, that are high net worth individuals, who are passionate about technology and are looking to buy a new car.

We are currently working with several major brands, large agencies and Ad partners in helping them reach their message to the right audience group at the right time. Some of our early results show a decrease of CPA by 47% while time spent on site increase by 500%! Targeting your most ideal customer at their most receptive moment obviously has fascinating results.

Today, with the launch of LeadSift AIM, we have taken a giant step towards establishing the intention economy by fulfilling user intent as it is generated on the social web. If you are buying media on social and want to reach the users that are most likely to be your customer, we’d love to hear from you. Request a Demo

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