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What if you could know who was hunting for your solution? Maybe even researching your competitors?

How much would that help fuel your marketing and outbound team?

Now you can find those people and reach them on all channels. Right away.

With contact-level intent data plus direct dials, you can receive phone numbers, emails, and LinkedIn profiles of the 7% of your market that are actively in the buyer’s journey.

So you can call them before your competitors.

How to make a great cold call

  • Timing. Depending on your average sales cycle, nailing time is key to getting ahead of competitors. Use every tool you can to prioritize who’s looking now, and reach out to them first. This could be based on web traffic, content downloads, or signals of buyer intent. Timing means you can get to them first, and with relevant messaging.

  • Targeting. You have to know who you should be talking to. Go deeper than just knowing thier job title. What’s their role? What type of tasks are they working on? Are they at a large enterprise or a small startup? Are they working in a specific industry? Figure out the type of persona that sees the most success with your solution, then make sure those people are where you focus your efforts.

  • Messaging. Relevant messaging means everything. Once you’ve nailed down who to target, take time to understand them. What does their day-to-day look like? What are their pain points? What would make their life easier? This helps you make your calls conversations instead of pitches, and means you can pinpoint how you can help right away.

  • Touchpoints. It typically takes more than one call or email to get the ball rolling. Get in touch on multiple channels, multiple times. Stats used to recommend a 5 email sequence, but when it comes to a multi-channel approach, 20 touchpoints isn’t off base. Of course, test what works for you, iterate, and optimize.

Why does intent matter?

There are literally thousands of people you could be calling every day. But only 7% of them are actually looking to buy.

When you know who those people are, and which signals of intent they’re showing, your team reaps the benefits.

  • A morale boost – confidently reaching out to more people who want to hear from you feels good and builds momentum.
  • Higher conversion rates – isn’t of dumping time into leads that don’t even have your solution on the radar, focus on the ones who do.
  • An edge on competitors – know when people are looking into your competitors and talk to those leads before they do.

What does our direct dials coverage look like?

🌎  Coverage in 33 countries

🏢 Data on 3.3 million companies

👤  Numbers for 8 million managers and above

About LeadSift

LeadSift identifies B2B prospects based on intent signals, qualifies them, and delivers them to your inbox. Whenever a prospect engages with your competitor’s content, or content published within your industry, LeadSift will discover and deliver them directly to you – complete with verified and accurate company and contact info. LeadSift data can now be enriched with direct dials so you can reach the right people, right away.