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Real-Time Intent Data in Your Platform

Enhance your sales or marketing solution with buying intent signals. All with a single API call.

Company Endpoint

Use the company endpoint to see all of the intent engagements and enrichments that a certain company is showing based on the company’s domain.


Intent Endpoint

Use the intent endpoint to query trigger types such as keywords, competitors, events, or hiring, and see all the companies showing intent towards those criteria.


Intelligent Personalization

The days of static personalization are over.

Enter dynamic, intent-based personalization. Now, your clients can tailor their messaging, website, ads, you name it, based on what their prospects are engaging with in real-time.


Real-Time Prioritization

Prioritization as dynamic as your prospects.

Prioritization based on buying intent signals means it can evolve with a prospect’s buying journey. No more guessing who actually wants to hear from you. Find them and push them to the front of the line.


Seamless Enrichment

A new data source to add depth and value for your clients.

Up to date intent signals directly integrated within your platform. Use it as an enrichment tool, leverage intent signals, churn reduction, the options are endless once the data lives in your solution.

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Direct API Setup

Easily embedded into your solution

Simple integration with our API endpoints means you can have intent data seamlessly in your platform.

The intent trigger endpoint allows you to see which companies are showing intent towards those keywords and competitors.

The company endpoint to see all the intent signals from any given company.

Check out the full documentation here.

“Leadsift’s API has enabled Zymplify to take things to the next level with automated contact lookup. Their data quality is without question and their team has been an absolute pleasure to work with.”


Michael Green, Zymplify