Hubspot Inbound 2019. It’s one of the biggest events in Marketing. It attracts thousands of Marketing professionals, hundreds of vendors and some of the biggest names at the biggest companies deliver keynotes and panel discussions at this event every year. If you sell to Marketing teams, this is an event you’ve definitely looked at and want to run event marketing campaigns on.

But events like this are expensive. Every hotel in Boston would have been sold out months in advanced, booths cost big money. We ran a report analyzing who went, what sized companies were most prominent, what the most popular job titles were in the field and where attendees came from. Why?

Events cost too much to get wrong. You shouldn’t have to find out the hard way, if they’re good or not for you to exhibit at. So if you’re looking at a busy events calendar for next year or thinking about attending a couple, use this analysis as food for thought. They may be worth your expense tenfold, or not at all. We’ve done this before by analyzing SHRM, a Human Resources event. But this is the biggest event we’ve analyzed yet…

Hubspot Inbound 2019

So, here’s what we analyzed.

  1. Industries the attendees are from
  2. Company sizes of the attendees
  3. Countries attendees are based in
  4. Attendee job roles

With this data, you can review if the event attracts enough of your target accounts and buyers.

Attendee Industries

Hubspot Inbound 2019 analysis

Usually here, we’d expect to see a lot of people from the Marketing industry. But really, this would mean a lot of agencies in attendance. With the Marketing world being saturated with SaaS products now, we were surprised that there was not heavier footfall from the Internet and Computer Software spaces, or the IT space. It’s quite surprising that Higher Education makes the top few industries in attendance that we’ve found here.

Attendee Company Sizes

Hubspot Inbound 2019 analysis

In most of the events we look at, the Enterprise is usually the smallest part of the field. This isn’t too different to what we see here. Usually, the SMB and start-up companies are the most prevalent in events like Hubspot Inbound 2019, and that was the case this year. Companies with between 1 and 10 employees, along with 11 to 50 and also 50 to 200 made up the majority of the attendee field this year. So if you sell into SMBs, this was a great event for you. Founders and marketers at SMBs were in heavy footfall this year.

Attendee Countries

It turns out that people traveled from all over the world to be at Hubspot Inbound 2019. Given that the event was in Boston, you’d expect a high percentage of the field to be travelling from other places within the US. Maybe some from Canada given the closeness to the Canadian border meaning it could be a short flight. But actually, just 50% of the field came from the US. And nearly 20% of Hubspot Inbound 2019 attendees came from the UK.

Attendee Job Functions

Hubspot Inbound 2019 analysis

This is always interesting. Many events seem like they are going to attract your decision makers and buyers, but don’t attract as many as you’d think. There are always Sales reps and teams in attendance that are’t your buyers, along with consultants or sometimes students. But how many of them? If too many, it may not be the right event for you.

With Hubspot Inbound 2019, we’re surprised that there were not many consultants in attendance at all. Usually the numbers for these folks is higher. With that said, the number of founders and owners of companies is pretty high too. This is because as we saw earlier, many companies with 1 to 10 employees were in attendance this year. Of course, we expect a large amount of Marketing people here. And with any big event, there will be a lot of vendors and exhibitors bringing their Sales and Business Development team along. People need to run the booths and stands to generate leads, with as many vendors as there was at Hubspot Inbound 2019 and events of it’s size you would expect this.


Download the infographic here if you want to take a closer look. Drop us an email or a message on LinkedIn if you want to have us review an event you’re running or interested in…