Continuing our series serving up the key takeaways from LeadSift’s CEO and Co-founder Tukan Das’ YouTube Live Buyer Movement Masterclass with Blake Johnston of OutboundView we’ve got the full rundown on how to track buyer movement and how you can run a buyer movement campaign for prospect outreach yourself – without significant tech investment.

We’re keeping it bite-sized and easily actionable.

Why focus prospecting activities on recently moved executives?

Employee turnover is high – in August 2020 5,000+ C Suite executives at the VP level or above changed jobs in US companies of 1000+ (track it via www.buyermovement.com or check out this helpful guide) and when they move from one of your existing customers/clients, they carry with them some of the goodwill that you have built with that company. Added to that, new employees are most likely to implement their strategies 2-12 months after moving to a new employer. Whether they have worked with you or not, they probably came into the new company with a plan to make changes, bring in new providers and people they know, so it makes sense to target them.

The results of OutboundView’s buyer movement campaigns

Buyer movement campaigns beat cold outreach in all industries that OutboundView have run this type of campaign against. They have seen average outreach values compared to cold outreach of:

  • 2x Open Rates
  • 3x Click Rates
  • 3x Meeting Rates
  • 5x More Likely to Buy

Not only that, but they also see faster movement of very high quality leads through the pipeline. In fact, they are much closer to those more commonly seen with a typical inbound lead. All by using a simple process with no crazy sales tactics and nurturing those leads that they identify in a bespoke way. This is one of OutboundView’s most solid outreach signals. With a buyer movement campaign, Blake would expect that an inside salesperson, setting an average of 6-10 meetings per month, would see an increase to much closer to 20-25 meetings.

So, how do you run a buyer movement campaign?

It all centres around three basic platforms which are:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Upwork, or similar
  • Your own CRM

How to find the leads

This is a strategy that requires a significant time investment (that’s where Upwork comes in!) in upfront research and then systematic, but simple, follow up based around:

  • LinkedIn – where OuboundView see the most consistent results

Search individuals who have left an existing or past client and have moved somewhere that you care about.

  • CRM

Track existing contacts in your CRM associated with your clients – where have the people who used to work at your existing clients moved to?

  • Marketing Automation

Track existing subscribers to your automated marketing; and/or

  • User Lists

For those industries in which the user is also the buyer you may be able to use user lists. For example, if someone goes through your sales training, they might be getting into sales leadership, so you could reach out to them. And, if you can find enough leads, there is no need to do traditional outbound prospecting at all.

How to Approach leads generated through tracking buyer movement

By Email:

  • Use their previous employer’s name as the subject line. Itsignificantly increases the chance of  the email being opened and beats all other subject lines tested by OutboundView.
  • Mention the previous employer as soon as possible in the body text
  • Say that you see that they have moved to a new employer and give that employer’s name
  • Reference their previous role and the work that your company did with that employer
  • Reference their new role
  • Ask if they would be open to a conversation – keep the call to action short and sweet – there is no need to labour it.
  • Send a second email on day 3, referring to the first and almost exactly repeating the wording of the first one.

Linked In Direct Message:

  • Send a connection request to leads that you have identified.
  • Send Videos and custom messages along the same lines as the email outline above.
  • LinkedIn DM campaigns have the highest conversion rate seen by OutboundView in buyer movement with 70% of connection requests accepted when the previous employer was mentioned and a higher rate of conversions to meetings than email or phone.

Call & Voicemail  

  • Request a conversation in a similar way to the email outline above. Phone outreach has been the least successful method used in buyer movement outreach.

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