What do you do when a pandemic sweeps the world, your pipeline is frozen and you are the leading Sending Platform for whom sending direct mail to your prospects’ business addresses is a crucial part of your strategy?

Answer: If you’re Sendoso, you innovate and get creative. Enter: Project Thaw.

This is the first in a 3 part series that gets to the nuts and bolts of the culmination of Project Thaw – Sendoso’s hugely successful Fortune Cookie campaign. We met with CMO, Daniel Frohnen for our Show Me the Data podcast and learned how his team turned a $4k investment into $180k+ ARR.

“Project Thaw” – the goal

From March to May 2020, global lockdown saw Companies switch to focusing on the here and now. As was common for those in the ABM market, Sendoso’s pipeline was frozen. “Project Thaw” was born out of the need to create alignment between their marketing and sales teams in order to ‘thaw out’ those frozen pipelines. This innovative response to that situation was aimed at injecting any action into that frozen pipeline, whether as a confirmed customer or, alternatively, receiving confirmation that Sendoso were not even in the running.

In addition to thawing the pipelines, Sendoso’s aims were:

  1. Pipeline acceleration – Sendoso really wanted to see deals moving forward for those prospects who were still engaged with them and to generate net new ARR to pay the bills.
  2. To get the purchase/no purchase decision so that they could have a really clear view of their pipeline and remove any ambiguity. 

The Challenge for Sendoso – lockdown and homeworking

Historically, Sendoso had been primarily sending their direct mail to corporate offices which were now closed due to lockdown. In a market in which their key contacts valued keeping separation in their B2B and B2C lives, the new world of work from home had a significant impact on their ability, from a marketing perspective, to engage with their accounts. How could they get their swag into the homes, and hands, of the people that were key to unfreezing those pipelines? That’s where the product team came in.

And, they moved quickly. 

Within a week of offices moving their employees to remote working, Sendoso’s product team created the concept of address confirmation as a way to reach customers who are working remotely. This feature allows Sendoso (and now its own customers) to email an offer to an intended recipient. The recipient then confirms the address that they wanted the Gift, Direct Mail or swag sent to and, better than that, the address confirmation captures their data only until the swag has shipped, following which, the address is deleted. Not only that but only the system sees the address.  This concept really turned things around for Sendoso and now it’s doing the same for their clients. 

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Find Daniel at:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielfrohnen/