At LeadSift, we do our own crawling. We’re whitelisted by Twitter (yippee) and so, we can download and have access to a lot more data for free than most other people can. Yet, to create a globally scalable solution, we need to buy the Twitter data. While setting a price point for our customers and also estimating our fund requirements, we set to task to find out how many tweets are posted by some of the major cities which we will index by end of year. Although we found a bunch of blogs comparing tweet rates, we were unable to find any numbers; which turned out to be a fun sub-project for us – estimate by running our own experiments!


What we found out was interesting – Toronto has more tweets than San Francisco (due to more population), well over half a million while Halifax has a lot more tweets than Moncton (showing the Internet who’s boss!) but New York is just graph busting with about 3 million tweets posted everyday! We also confirmed our suspicion that people post more tweets on workdays than weekends. Here’s what it looks like:


Infogram with tweets per city

Tweets Per City

Note: These are estimates only – from people who have specified a location on their profile or have geo-location turned on in tweets. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this data or other data estimations you may want.