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Key Takeaways:

• The most important thing for businesses is to extend the cash-runway. So as a marketer you have to get in battle mode and leave behind some of the long-term strategic initiatives and focus on short-term wins.

• Replace your in-person trade show/conference leads with leads from virtual events.

• Partner with other complementary companies (targeting a similar audience) in your space to be involved with your event. Leverage their network to drive attendance and increase reach.

• Continue to explore further content collaboration (webinars, blogs, etc.) with those companies.

• Shift focus from top-of-funnel marketing content away to more middle/bottom-of-funnel content to help your sales team in their outbound prospecting efforts.

• Be empathetic towards your sales team.

• Take part in daily sales standups to understand what they are hearing from the market and adapt quickly.

• Enable the field sales reps to better sell in this environment.