Content marketing has become ubiquitous. CMOs are using ebooks, whitepapers, infographics and blog posts to express their brand’s story across digital media, and their customers are responding.

According to a recent survey of millennials, nearly two-thirds feel a direct connection between content and brand loyalty – but unfortunately, some are being turned off by the content they receive.

So how can you develop a content strategy that fosters better brand loyalty?

Create the right content

Content comes in a variety of forms, and different audiences will respond differently to them. For instance, your audience might be younger, and use visual networks like Instagram. It would make sense, then, that your content strategy revolve around producing images.

The right content will reach your audience when and where they are – which is the first step in using content to build brand loyalty. After all, if you are pushing mobile-based content but your audience prefers to engage with content while at work on their computers, there is no way they will find and connect with your brand’s content.

Create engaging content

If your audience sees your content but has no reason to actually use it in their daily life, it’s simply not doing the job of increasing brand loyalty.

Content should be engaging, in whatever way resonates with your audience. It should help them solve a problem, make them smile and want to share, or give them something to think about.

Engaging content will look different for every brand, but it should ultimately be share-worthy and relevant. Creating content that your audience values shows that you value your audience – and it’s this reciprocal feeling that will improve loyalty.

Create personalized content

Each member of your audience is sharing her preferences, behaviors and lifestyle with your brand right now – it’s just up to you to listen, and use this information to inform your content.

With every tweet, Like and photo uploaded, you can learn about your audience. Demographic data like marital status, preferences like their favorite restaurants and lifestyle information like how they spend their evenings can be gathered, analyzed, and used to create content that actually speaks to who your audience is.

The knowledge that you gather about your audience via social channels can guide you towards a content strategy that is personalized to groups and segments of your target market, or even individual members of your audience. This personalized content will improve brand loyalty by developing an emotional connection between you and your audience.

Great content can foster brand loyalty, which in turn can result in an army of brand advocates, sharing and recommending your brand to their entire network. By creating the right content that is engaging and personalized, you can reap the rewards of a customer base that is fiercely loyal.

Do you have any examples of great content that made your fans loyal or made you a loyal fan?