“Having intent data allows you to prioritize your ABM accounts so you can work more efficiently while improving the relevance of your messaging.”

Kent Murphy, COO, Atlantic Growth Solutions

The Problem

Before getting started with LeadSift, Atlantic Growth Solutions (AGS) manually identified their target prospects for ABM lists then imported the list into their CRM with minimal account and contact prioritization. Without a process to score and prioritize accounts, it was difficult to understand which accounts were more likely to buy so the team could focus their efforts there first. Fast outreach to interested leads is crucial to an efficient sales process, resulting in a 50% more likely closed deal over the competitor who came second, and with a manual process and no prioritization, it’s hard to get there first.

How AGS Uses LeadSift

AGS uses LeadSift to gain insights into their target accounts and prioritize their activity cadence daily. LeadSift’s data scores each account and provides insights into accounts based on intent. This way, AGS could set a clear prioritization and cadence for how to action their most relevant leads first in their multi-channel approach.

The Results

With LeadSift, AGS now prioritizes accounts with confidence. By validating the quality of a prospect and triggers for a campaign before kick-off, they are able to target the right people with the right message.

Their ABM campaigns have been even more successful because now not only are the lists prioritized and backed by intent data, but they have insights into triggers and topics their prospects care about. With contacts opening emails with personalized subject lines at a 50% higher rate, AGS now leverages these insights for high-conversion conversation starters with prospects.

About Atlantic Growth Solutions

Atlantic Growth Solutions (AGS) works with companies in all industries who are focused on driving sustainable repeatable growth. We do this by applying process, expertise , rigor and focus to all areas of the sales , marketing and business development realm. In the end our clients experience more qualified leads, bigger pipelines, higher close rates and in turn more revenue and profits.

About LeadSift

LeadSift is a contact-level intent data platform for leading B2B technologies companies helping them identify in-market customers and engage with them with relevant messaging. Moving beyond targeting by static profile elements like title or company size, we show you who is engaging with competitors, keywords, and events in a dynamic way that is relevant and actionable.