There are 4 American Idol contestants remaining and one week until the finale so that means Hometown Week! And who better to throw a lot of social love to Nick, Rayvon, Jax and Clark than their friends and family?

Just as Tyanna’s streak ended last week so did using social love to determine if one of the bottom two would be headed home. Tyanna sat squarely in the middle between Ravyon and Nick and Jax and Clark. But with only 5 remaining it could’ve been anyone’s game. So let’s focus on the top – is it Nick or Rayvon or someone new this week?

Seems social love is very true to Nick who, after only one week, regained the top spot from Rayvon.


And Nick is head and shoulders above the remaining three American Idol contestants in all categories:



The results leading up to the finale will definitely be interesting if social love is turned up by the hometown crowd for any of these four. With Nick securely back on top, do you think he’ll win American Idol XIV?