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About Green Leads

Green Leads specializes in full-funnel pipeline generation services. They use phone and email-based outreach to provide their clients with various types of leads through email marketing, content syndication, outbound marketing, and appointment setting. Green Leads provides their clients with the highest level of subscription-based pipeline generation services and enables their clients to achieve top-line revenue growth and position them as their category leader. 

The Problem

Green Leads was looking for better ways to source and prioritize prospects for their clients. They faced a common challenge of determining how to prioritize large, cold lists without wasting time focusing on massive lists when chances are only 50% of those contacts are open to looking, and even fewer are actually looking to buy. 

They were used to using more traditional tactics for activating their leads such as traditional data sources, email campaigns, and content syndication but were looking to revamp their process. Many of Green Leads’ clients have a wide range of offerings – so when Green Leads calls a prospect on behalf of a client they have to take a broad approach to the point of view (messaging) presented.

“When starting any new project prioritizing which accounts would be more open to our clients’ offering was a shift we were eager to make,” says Michael Farrell, CEO of Green Leads.”

The Solution

Green Leads began looking for an intent data solution to be able to increase conversion rates to highly qualified leads and set more appointments on behalf of their clients – and ultimately leads that had a higher propensity to buy.  How could they find a way for their campaigns to move more efficiently and reach buyers who were already showing interest? After evaluating a number of options, they chose LeadSift for its ability to give insights at a contact level so when they are targeting large accounts, they don’t need to determine who, out of many prospects, is the one actively seeking a solution. 

Farrell continued, “When we saw LeadSift was contact-level and not just account level, we got very excited”.

They take their LeadSift leads and first work with them in spreadsheets to extract data for prioritization and personalization. This includes seeing how intent varies by vertical, prioritizing who to call based on how many contacts within each account are showing intent, and using keywords to add highly-targeted personalization to their email campaigns. Now, instead of listing all their clients’ solutions to a prospect, they can focus on the one they know the lead is in-market for. Next, they import them into Salesforce and start the activation process in an educated way. Since they know what the leads are looking for, they can pitch their clients’ value proposition in the most effective way possible.

“LeadSift has given Green Leads a way to see the trees within the forest. We are able now to prioritize how we engage with our clients’ ideal customer profile (ICP) – allowing my team to optimize their production as well as increasing the quality and ultimately – satisfying and retaining the client”

Linda Flanagan, COO, Green Leads

The Results

Since using LeadSift, Green Leads’ SDRs and clients are happier. The meetings they’re setting for their clients cancel and reschedule less and lead to higher quality conversations. In some campaigns, 50% of the meetings booked come from the intent list – even though it’s a smaller list, the prospects are already in the buyer’s journey. 

Continues Flanagan, “We often hear comments from prospects along the lines of ‘are you a mind reader?’ or ‘It’s funny you should mention that. We were just talking the other day about that very thing.’” 

They’ve been able to find prospects now that previously had no easy way to identify with traditional methods or data sources. With LeadSift they’re finding people that have the titles they’re looking for showing interest in their clients’ solutions that they weren’t able to discover when they initially built their lists. Instead of building massive cold lists, they can now wait for LeadSift to deliver in-market leads.

Farrell closes, “It’s like a fish finder – it means you’re dropping your line knowing there are already fish there.”

About LeadSift

Preferred by the most innovative and data-driven businesses, LeadSift is the most actionable provider of intent combining comprehensive data with meaningful insights. We sift through unstructured public data so companies can easily identify, understand, and engage in-market audiences with creatively relevant, personalized outreach. As a result, companies can move their pipeline faster than ever before.

Prioritize and engage more relevant leads and book more meetings with LeadSift.