Last year, 82% of social media driven leads came from Twitter. An additional 9% came from Linkedin & 9% came from Facebook. There is no question that social media is presenting businesses around the world with new opportunities to connect with customers and make additional sales. Social media is presenting businesses with an opportunity to not only turn prospects into customers but customers into raving brand advocates.

When developing your marketing plan and strategy for the upcoming year, it’s important to think about the role social media leads will play in the mix. Social media can not only drive relevant web traffic to your site but also present an opportunity to convert those in the midst of a purchasing decision. Using social media monitoring, content marketing, influencer outreach, and ongoing networking, you will have the ability to generate leads like never before.

Social Media Leads - Optify

Managing multiple social media channels and looking out for leads can be like riding on a roller coaster. While the experience can often be filled with the excitement of closing ten deals in a row, there will be moments when you look around and can’t help but be nervous about what’s coming up next. Whether it’s a customer looking to switch service providers or someone talking negative about your brand; it’s important to keep your head on straight and always look for ways to improve your ability to close and generate leads through social media.

To help you with the ongoing roller coaster, here are 27 easy ways to generate social media leads:

– Create a Twitter account and follow people talking about your brand
– Create Content that is worth talking about & sharing
– Develop a brand presence that people recognize
– Use relevant hashtags on Twitter when sharing blog posts
– Offer products & service for free in exchange for contact info
– Focus on retaining existing customers through superior service
– Engage in relevant & organic conversation with people on Twitter
– Use Facebook as a channel to spread your message more effectively
– Share updates on discounts, offers, deals and specials
– Join conversations happening within Linkedin Groups
– Optimize your website for mobile & tablet visitors
– Blog about items that your audience will find interesting & important
– Recognize and embrace soft leads just as well as hard leads
– When sharing content on Facebook ensure that your brand is present
– Optimize your sales purchasing funnel for effectiveness
– Use Quora to answer questions about your industry, business & interests
– Measure and optimize results from various channels
– Do not limit yourself to a channel because it’s popular
– Understand & utilize Linkedin & Rapporative if you’re in B2B
– Develop a CRM process that is scalable and optimized for ROI
– Look for conversations that are tied to customer churn
– Build relationships with editors at the media channels your audience reads
– Embrace two way conversation between you and your customers
– Demonstrate the personality behind the brand through Twitter
– Answer and respond to high-risk inquiries and comments
– Use social advertising when necessary to increase brand awareness
– And lastly, use a Social Lead Generation application to make it simpler!

What are some of your secrets to generating quality social media leads?