Continuing our series delving into Forcemanager’s hugely successful Virtual Summit using their own mobile CRM. Alex Field, LeadSift’s Head of Growth, got the inside scoop on Forcemanager’s unique playbook for this event from Forcemanager VP of marketing, Jordi Capdevila Espitia.

The Target Attendees

The buyer persona and ideal buying profile that Forcemanager targeted were companies with sales reps and a decision-maker Sales Director, within a number of different niches and industries. They then dug deeper to identify who to specifically target within those companies. In this case, Forcemanager’s ideal target was both prospects and existing customers who were Spanish speaking and working in sales who needed content, education, and training on the topic of Sales, particularly as a result of COVID.  The promotional activities varied for each of these targets.

The Unique Playbook:

The marketing team used a combination of many different channels to drive attendees to the Virtual Summit in what was a very limited amount of time. The short promotional period meant they couldn’t get super creative in terms of doing direct mail, personalized video, or more complex techniques. So they optimized the activity around:

  1. ads
  2. social advertisement and remarketing (mainly LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and Instagram)
  3. Emailing their customers –  they knew that it was really important to take good care of, empathize and nurture their existing customers with content
  4. Emailing existing prospects, blog readers, etc 
  5. Ads placed on their own high traffic website  – which drove a huge amount of registrants to the Virtual Summit
  6. PR – Just one press release, because of the type of event, which was pretty successful
  7. Throughout the four weeks prior to the event, the customer success team and SDRs nurtured their existing customers and prospects ensuring that they gave maximum value whenever they were in contact

Jordi told us that this was a huge team effort, on top of being confined and having to re-learn how to work together remotely. They kept track of the overall project by using a massive Trello board. Everything was happening fast and being able to see that on the Trello board was the right motivation for the whole team. 

Looking for new ways to generate and target relevant leads?

You can find Jordi and Forcemanager at:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordice/ 

Web: https://www.forcemanager.com/ 

Jordi Web:www.jordice.com