The topic of ABM, or Account Based Marketing, has seemingly appeared on nearly every sales and marketing blog on the internet.

There are dozens of self-proclaimed ABM experts, consultants, and general practitioners all fighting for attention in the market.

With so many of our clients successfully leveraging our Behavioral Intent Data for ABM as well as other marketing and sales practices, we’ve developed a feel for who out there is a genuine expert.

We’re not just bringing you a list of the leaders you need to follow, but we’re going to explain why you should follow them.

Who else does that? In no particular order…

Mark Ogne#1 Mark Ogne – CEO at ABM Consortium

Twitter: @markogne

You don’t need to read any further than Mark’s Twitter bio and Twitter website address to understand how big Mark is on ABM: “Passionate about ABM and the intersection of data & insight.” Mark’s ABM blog is a must read and he also understands the power of intent data (a huge plus for us). Need advice on tools, strategy and best practice? Mark has all you need.

Malachi Threadgill

#2 Malachi Threadgill – Director of Demand Generation and Global Sales Development at Masergy

Twitter: @malachiii

Malachi and his team at Masergy won the 2018 ABM Program of the Year award from SiriusDecisions. His data-driven approach to sales development and demand generation proves how powerful good data can be when used correctly. Plus, he’s mentioned in Demand Gen Report’s Guide to Signal and Intent Data. Another winner.

Maria Pergolino

#3 Maria Pergolino – CMO at Anaplan

Twitter: @InboundMarketer

Maria is not only one of the top names in ABM, but in marketing in general. As an official member of the Forbes Communications Council, she has an impressive amount of content to her name. Despite her impressive status as a C-Level marketing executive, Maria is an “in the weeds” marketer, who you may run into at your next industry event

#4 G. David Dodd – Principal at Point Balance

Twitter: @gdaviddodd

David is a marketing strategist and author who is a prolific ABM content sharer. His blog is all about ABM and being smarter in marketing, which we should all be striving for. David shares content on ABM from a range of sources, so you can further expand your list of sources for ABM content as David collects it.

#5 Jon Miller – CEO at Engagio

Twitter: @jonmiller

The CEO of Engagio and former Co-Founder of Marketo knows a thing or two about marketing. He’s been involved with multiple guides and eBooks on running killer ABM programs, shares a ton of content on account-based marketing and is a great source for finding other great ABM leaders to follow.

#6 Peter Isaacson – CMO at DemandBase

Twitter: @peisaacson

DemandBase’s CMO is an ABM junkie. Peter is an industry speaker as well as a great content creator. Reading his LinkedIn pulse articles should take you long enough before you even follow his Twitter feed or read his eBooks.

#7 Carol Krol – Content Director at Dun & Bradstreet

Twitter:  @carolkrol

Carol is very active on her social profiles, constantly sharing great articles and content around the power of data, as well as sales and marketing. Her content also feeds her buyers and target market, proving she is in the weeds working on the latest strategies for lead generation right now, not just talking about it.

#8 Sangram Vajre – Chief Evangelist at Terminus

Twitter: @sangramvajre

One of the big names in ABM, Sangram is a speaker and event host who has authored ABM books, worked in a specialist ABM technology company, and has hosted an ABM-themed podcast. Watch out for his LinkedIn videos, and be sure to follow #FlipMyFunnel for the content he is creating around advanced ABM strategies.

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#9 Julia Stead – VP Marketing at Invoca

Twitter: @JuliaStead

Julia has a treasure trove of actionable content related to ABM that discusses the things she has tried and found out through her own work. She’s a top 40 ABM practitioner according to other lists and regularly shares the work and strategies her company, Invoca, is sharing. Definitely one to follow.

#10 David Raab – Founder at CDP Institute

Twitter: @draab

David has an enormous understanding of marketing data and its importance. Thinking about customer data? Nearly all of David’s own content and shared content on social is about customer data. Plus, he realizes the power and effectiveness of intent data, too.

#11 Craig Rosenberg – Co Founder at TOPO Inc

Twitter: @funnelholic

It’s hard to not follow an “account-based sales, marketing, sales development OG.” But when you dig deeper, Craig has his finger on the pulse and his eyes on all the top events in sales and marketing. His work is based around converting more leads and winning more sales, and ABM naturally plays a major role in this strategy.

#12 Natalie Severino – VP Marketing at Chorus AI

Twitter: @SeverinoNatalie

Natalie leads a team of hardcore lead generation marketers at the definitive AI-driven sales conversation intelligence platform, Chorus.ai. Natalie is a skilled omni channel marketer and strategist, working on events, webinars, and content for the leading software in the industry. Of course, ABM is a key part of her practice.

#13 Dave Rigotti – Head of Enterprise Demand Generation and ABM for Marketo at Adobe

Twitter: @drigotti

Dave is a self-proclaimed “revenue-obsessed” marketing leader. The proof is in his content, as Dave does not just talk about leads, as closed business, and real money made by marketing efforts (especially ABM) dominate his writing.

#14 Jim Williams – VP Marketing at BlueCat

Twitter: @jimcwilliams

As VP Marketing currently at BlueCat and previously Influitive, Jim is a passionate speaker who freely shares the strategies behind the successes his teams have achieved implementing ABM organization-wide.

#15 Scott Vaughan – CMO at Integrate

Twitter: @ScottAVaughan

Scott is a data-driven CMO who has a passion for great data and its proper use in marketing. He is a regular contributor to blogs like MarketingLand, MarTech Today, CMO.com, CMSWire, and others. You won’t be short of content if you follow Scott.

#16 Vanessa Porter – Senior Director of Demand Generation at Carbon Black

Twitter: @NessieBessie

Vanessa is passionate about Human-to-Human marketing, which makes her a winner for ABM practitioners. Her focus is all around generating demand for her sales team, via whichever campaigns that are needed.

#17 Christopher Engman – CRO/CMO at Proof Analytics

Twitter: @chrisengman

The CRO/CMO of Proof Analytics has written extensively about ABM in his LinkedIn pulse and has interviewed many other ABM leaders. It’s clear Christopher has used ABM successfully for several years now, making him one of the early-adopters and trend-setters for successful ABM today.

#18 Joe Chernov – CMO at Robin

Twitter: @jchernov

Joe is one of the leading CMOs in his field, who shares valuable wisdom on life as well as marketing and ABM strategies on his social profiles. He’s an industry speaker, writer on top marketing blogs, and content creator for his own social profiles. Joe will never leave you short of content.

#19 Megan Heuer – VP of Research at SiriusDecisions

Twitter: @megheuer

The Vice President of Research at SiriusDecisions has a strong focus on ABM in both her work and her content. Follow Megan and you will also find a ton of other content creators and leaders who you need to follow.

#20 Bob Perkins – Founder and Chairman AA-ISP

Twitter: @AA_ISP

It’s no secret that AA-ISP was practicing account-based marketing (and sales) long before the term entered the popular vernacular. So, when Bob Perkins and company wrote the definitive guide to account-based marketing, you know it’s got to be good – just like everything Bob produces. Follow this man and get smarter by the minute!