From behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot to polished product shots, the fashion industry is leading the way in creative social media campaigns.

But not all campaigns are created equal. Some brands are truly innovative when it comes to tweets, snaps and pins, and their strategies offer up great lessons for other brands looking to improve their social media game.

Here are five examples of amazing social media campaigns from top fashion brands, so you can learn from their habits.


Cosmetics retailer Sephora is big on Instagram, regularly highlighting new products, trends and seasonal colors.

Rather than only posting their own content, however, the company will often repost photos from the brands that it carries, like this recent Make Up For Ever repost.

The habit: Leverage content from your partners and influencers. By sharing their content, you will develop stronger relationships with them, and it also saves you from having to brainstorm new and exciting content when you’re out of ideas!


Giving its Japanese fans a behind-the-scenes fashion experience, Burberry live-streamed its autumn/winter 2015 wear via social messaging service Line.

Line offers a live mobile cast feature, which Burberry used to showcase their runway show in real-time.

The habit: Know your audience, and know their online preferences. Because they were targeting their huge Japanese fan base, Burberry smartly chose to run their campaign on a social network popular with this audience segment.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a brand that is often synonymous with the celebrities that it works with to promote its denim and other lines.

Earlier this year, the brand announced that Justin Bieber would be the new face of Calvin Klein. And the result? Over 87,000 mentions on social media in relation to the news.

The habit: Reach out to influencers to get their help in spreading your message. You don’t need a name as big as the Biebs to make a serious impact – you can find niche influencers in your industry, and work with them on promotions and campaigns.


Fashion Week always brings out the best in fashion brands, but one campaign that stood out this year came from London retailer Topshop.

The brand encouraged its followers to live tweet to their @TopShop Twitter account using a specific fashion trend hashtag, such as #stripes or #belted, and the handle would respond with a curated collection featuring that trend. Taking this initiative even further, TopShop allowed its followers to purchase any of the curated styles right within Twitter.

The habit: In-stream purchases combined with real-time engagement is a recipe for a huge social media win.


In the perfect pairing of social and real life, fashion retailer Forever21 launched their #F21ThreadScreen campaign this summer.

Followers of the brand on Instagram could see their photos come to life, woven together in thread on a massive 2,000 pound machine. This machine dynamically turned its 6,400 spools of thread so that they displayed any Instagram picture containing the hashtag #F21ThreadScreen.

The habit: Go above and beyond to give your followers something tangible in the offline world. It doesn’t have to be as massive as a giant thread machine, but even a small token or real-world acknowledgement can go a long way in increasing customer loyalty.

What else have you learned from the social media campaigns of top fashion brands? Let us know in the comments below!