People want to focus on how to keep their business running strong and not how to do better sales and marketing – so address your message accordingly.

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Key Takeaways

It’s time to Stop, Pause and Pivot your Prospecting Strategies:
• STOP your automated templated emails for 2019 and early 2020
• PAUSE to create a framework for new messaging
• PIVOT towards a new sector or emerging market with opportunities

The Keep-It-Honest Framework for Messaging:
• Lead your outreach with subject line “Seeking Advice/Feedback”
• Ask them how they are doing and adapting their strategies
• Be honest about your current situation and how you are currently adapting.
• Share your insights on what you are seeing in the market
• End your message with “Hang tough” not “Cheers”

Follow up with 4/5 decision makers within your existing opportunities (middle funnel leads) with content that they find valuable to help them run their business:
• It could be a survey you conducted
• It could be your summary/thoughts of an executive brief prepared by an Research Firm
• It could be something you noticed about this account or their industry in general