Your CRM platform is like a river of data that connects you to your customers. But most of the data you typically have access to is on the surface – and there is a whole world below if you’re equipped to plumb the depths.

Building customer profiles based on their purchases or abandoned carts, information they fill out on a website form, or email and other communications with your brand can begin to paint a picture of your audience. But these brand touchpoints are only the surface – your customers live rich, full lives outside of their interactions with your brand. So why not discover the relevant aspects of these lives, and use this information to strengthen your customer relationships?

With the abundance of data available on social media, it is possible to take your CRM platform from a static record of customer interactions to a dynamic representation of who that customer is. Lead records can be enriched using social data to give your sales team a full 360-view of each individual customer.

Social data can identify in-depth demographics like marital status, lifestyle and education, as well as brand affinities, likes and dislikes, most commonly cited websites, favorite apps and more.

For example, knowing that many of your leads have interests like software, entrepreneurship and small business can help your brand create content that will resonate and move them down the lead funnel. Uncovering other brands and websites that they have a preference for can help better target your next advertising campaign. And knowing detailed demographic data like whether they own a car or have children can enable your sales team to better tailor their pitches and communication.

Enriching the data in your CRM platform will empower your team to make smarter decisions about how to engage leads and run campaigns.

By leveraging LeadSift’s powerful social data your company can quickly and easily introduce rich attributes for the contacts and profiles within your own platform – saving your development team time and resources creating the context themselves. All you need is the Twitter handle for your prospects, and you can incorporate powerful demographic and psychographic data into your database.

Every marketing and sales professional knows that the better you understand the customer, the better equipped they will be to target new prospects and improve their conversion rates.

If you would like to try enriching your CRM platform with social data, contact us today. Or, try our social fingerprint for an instant snapshot of your Twitter handle.