Are you the type of marketer who dreams up a spectacular campaign and dives right in, writing creative blog posts and tweets to support it? Or are you more concerned with scrutinizing the data, crunching the numbers, and shedding light on what to create based on content that performed best in the past?

Both of these approaches are valid. After all, some marketers favor their right brain (creative and intuitive) while others take a left brain (logical and analytical) approach.

Developing a truly great content strategy, however, requires a balance between the two. It must combine creativity with data to be successful. And leveraging your buyer personas – profiles of specific, fictional individuals that represent the exact center of your target audience – is a valuable, yet often overlooked, method of energizing your content strategy.

Your audience is sending signals right now about what type of content they want to see from your brand. And if you can tap into those audience signals, you can create compelling, out-of-the-box content that will get noticed.

Here are just a few examples of how your buyer persona can spice up your content:


  • If your buyer persona is a young adult (18-29 years old), consider using Instagram, as half of this audience uses the platform.
  • Since 42 percent of online women use Pinterest, this could be the platform of choice for a female buyer persona.
  • Different income levels will indicate how much your content should focus on your product’s price and what promotions or discounts you should advertise.


  • What does your persona value? If she cares about the environment, or healthcare, or supporting local businesses, develop content that shows that your business does, too.
  • Is your persona highly organized? Give him organizational tips related to your industry. Is he adventurous? Show him how to use your product in his travels. Craft content that reflects his personality.


  • Knowing the entertainment that your persona enjoys can inspire your content. Think about running a short-term campaign with prizes related to your persona’s favorite movie, or creating memes and light-hearted content about her guilty pleasure reality show.
  • If your persona reads business news in the mornings, why not share breakfast-time industry tips? If he watches sports in the evening, how about live tweeting during the big game?

Buying signals

  • Knowing that your buyer persona is highly motivated to make a purchase in the near future, you can create content with strong calls-to-action and time-sensitive discounts to encourage them to buy.
  • If your persona is in the discovery phase, just realizing that they might have a need for your product, your content should be focused more on providing information and value, not closing a sale.
  • Personas who are comparing your product to your competitor’s may want to see content that explains how your product will benefit them, and its points of differentiation.

Your buyer persona is more than just a sketch of your audience – it is a key component of your content strategy. If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to build a buyer persona, let alone how to use one to inform your content, try answering some of these 55 data-driven questions. Once you have your persona in place, targeted and effective content will follow.