Yesterday was the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. This was the year you could turn to Google for almost anything you wanted to know – including which animal you are with their Google Doodle Earth Day Quiz! Aside from possibly being a mysterious and beautiful mantis shrimp, are the individuals with a passion for the environment, really those leading the greenest of lives?

By tapping into Twitter conversations using #EarthDay and looking at over 100 attributes including demographic information like gender, location and age to in-depth psychographic traits, the Earth Day hashtag conversations shed some light on the overall makeup of this audience.

Further exploring over 68,000 people who tweeted about #EarthDay, there was an equal split in gender and they are a very influential bunch with 32% of the audience being influencers. They are well read, high income earners who have an interest in business and not so surprisingly, science. Aside from Twitter, they take to social media in general and can be found online pinning on Pinterest or snapping earthly photos with their Instagram app.

And with a tendency to frequent Starbucks, they were likely greeted with a free cup of coffee during the Starbuck’s Earth Day celebrations yesterday.

The least surprising attribute uncovered was that this audience is 28X more likely to be living green – they obviously talk the talk and walk the walk….walking right into the eco-minded grocer with natural and organic items, Whole Foods Market.


Perhaps President Obama turning up the heat on climate change has had an influence on Americans. They were the top country tweeting the hashtag followed by Canada, UK, India and Mexico. In North America – NY State, California, Texas, Ontario and Florida were very engaged in the conversation.

It’s interesting to see if the attributes of an audience, based on their social media activities, match the stereotypical way in which the general public as a whole sees them. In this particular case, the audience seems to reflect reality and vice versa.