Dreamforce. It’s the center piece on the events calendar for thousands of North American companies and their sales reps. Tickets are expensive, keynote speakers are in high demand and San Francisco Bay hosts the biggest and best in sales. With all of this in mind, is it worth going? You’ve got to be sure that with the investment and total costs on time and money, your buyers are going to be there. Dreamforce is very different now to how it started out, so it’s worth sanity checking this to make sure you’re not putting effort into places where it could be better used elsewhere.

Events cost too much to get wrong. You shouldn’t have to find out the hard way, if they’re good or not for you to exhibit at. So if you’re looking at a busy events calendar for next year or thinking about attending a couple, use this analysis as food for thought. They may be worth your expense tenfold, or not at all. We’ve done this before by analyzing SHRM, a Human Resources event. But this is the biggest event we’ve analyzed yet…

Dreamforce 2019

So, here’s what we analyzed.

  1. Industries the attendees are from
  2. Company sizes of the attendees
  3. Countries attendees are based in
  4. Attendee job roles
  5. Surprises we found in the data

With this data, you can review if the event attracts enough of your target accounts and buyers.

Attendee Industries

Dreamforce industry attendee

Considering that Salesforce is a huge IT software company and the event centers around their connected apps and system, it’s not surprising to see IT industries as the most prominent here. Internet, IT, Computer Software and Information Services all mix and overlap. Together they made up 68% of the Dreamforce field. It’s surprising to see Non Profit and Higher Education in the top 10 industries here, but the dominance of the IT space has left the other industries out there all down to a very low percentage each.

If you sell to IT, SaaS and software companies, this is the right spot.

Attendee Company Sizes

dreamforce company sizes

The dominance of the 1 to 10 employees range surprised us. However, we expect to see the startup companies with lower headcount to come out in force at events like this. It’s not a surprise to see the 11 to 50 employees range come in as the 2nd biggest segment here. Not many enterprise companies attended, in comparison to the startup companies. You could say that the SaaS market is made up of tons of these smaller companies and some growing to have big headcount, with that in mind it makes sense. Remember 68% of the attendees came from IT and SaaS companies, so the companies sizes of the attendees will reflect this.

Attendee Countries

dreamforce attendee location

Considering the event takes place in San Francisco, you’d expect the majority of the field to be coming from America. Canada isn’t too far away so it’s a surprise to see that 8% of people flew from the UK and only 3% came from Canada this year. We know that India is very up-and-coming in tech right now so it’s not a surprise that India is part of the list here, but maybe a surprise that it’s as much as 6% given the distance.

Attendee Job Functions

This is where we found the most surprising data. We expected huge dominance from sales and business development reps. But if you look back at the company sizes who attended, many 1 to 10 employee companies came this year. You’d expect their C level or Founder/Owners to attend if this is the case. And many times, SaaS or tech companies hire a lot of development or product people first.

With this in mind, we can start to see how the product, IT and marketing people made up a larger part of the field than we expected to see. So if you sell to sales teams, maybe Dreamforce wasn’t as full with out and out sales team this year as we thought it would be.


dreamforce data surprises

We reviewed the data ourselves over a period of a few days and thought about if Dreamforce would have been a good event for us this year. In actual pact, 8% of our current customers and pipeline attended. We’d love to hear if you expect higher or lower turnout from your customers and prospects.

Also, our last Infographic analyzed Hubspot’s Inbound event and we spotted that over 10% of the attendees there came to Dreamforce too. If you want to sell to the biggest and best in tech and SaaS, these 2 events seem to be where the money is right now.

Download the infographic here if you want to take a closer look. Drop us an email or a message on LinkedIn if you want to have us review an event you’re running or interested in…

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