DealerMine and LeadSift today announce the integration of LeadSift’s proprietary social lead generation and customer insights tool into DealerMine’s automotive CRM platform. This integration enables dealerships to access social data to discover hot local leads, improve engagement touch points and enhance cross-channel marketing and sales efforts.

By accessing the social data provided by LeadSift, dealerships can identify local leads – customers in need of a new car, repairs, servicing and more – and integrate them into their DealerMine CRM. These leads can be pursued on social media, or connected to other channels like email and phone.

Dealerships can also develop a full 360-degree view of their current customers by enriching customer records with social data, creating more personalized and relevant engagement opportunities. This data can be used to improve brand affinity by engaging on a non-automotive topic relevant to a particular customer, or to capture any mentions of an automotive need that the dealership can follow-up on via the appropriate channels.

Some examples of how LeadSift’s data can be used within DealerMine CRM:

  • Learning that a VIP customer is passionate about the NBA, a dealership engages them in a discussion of basketball on Twitter, improving brand affinity.
  • A dealership sends a congratulatory email to a customer who has recently tweeted about having a baby. The email mentions features of the latest car model that would appeal to new parents.
  • A customer is tweeting about a “strange noise” coming from their vehicle. This tweet shows up in the DealerMine CRM platform, and within hours the dealership personally reaches out to the customer to schedule a check-up.

“By connecting social data with the well-established automotive industry, we’re helping bridge the gap between customer and dealership,” says Robert Quirion, President CEO, DealerMine, “LeadSift powers DealerMine’s ability to tap into the vibrant social space and learn more about current and potential customers than ever before.”

“The ability to leverage social data for cross-channel marketing is particularly exciting for us,” says Tukan Das, Co-founder and CEO of LeadSift. “Dealerships must contend with consumers who switch from tablet to phone to email within a matter of minutes, and LeadSift can help track this movement and connect with customers on the devices and channels they actually use.”

About DealerMine
DealerMine CRM enables dealerships to create unique experiences with their
customers, cultivating relationships to generate increased traffic in the service drive while increasing dollars per repair order and creating future sales in the showroom. Their turnkey Automotive CRM solution ensures that each customer’s entire lifecycle in a dealership is a consistent and rewarding one before and after they purchase a vehicle.

About LeadSift
The LeadSift Platform brings enterprise brands closer to their customers. By sifting through vast amounts of social data from networks like Twitter and Facebook, LeadSift identifies consumers who are interested in buying products or services within a particular vertical or category, and equips brands with the ability to target them with relevant, timely and actionable messaging.