Customer Stories

See the value and use cases leading B2B companies are gaining from LeadSift.

Pipeline growth

CloudHealth Technologies’ generates 15% of their demand pipeline using LeadSift.

Book More Meetings

Green Leads prioritizes and engages their clients’ ICP with LeadSift


Lead Sourcing

Vidyard uses LeadSift and automation to find 70% of their leads.

Meetings Booked

How the #1 Facebook Ad Agency gets 5X Meetings Booked with LeadSift.

Meetings Booked

LeadSift helps Branham Group double their goal of meetings booked at Dreamforce 2016.

Conversion Rate

Social Horse Power converts 20% of cold leads to prospects using LeadSift.


Convert MQLs

Treasure Data activates LeadSift’s contact-level insights to convert 35% of leads to MQLs.


Conversion Rate

InsightSquared Uses Contact Level Intent to Generate Sales their Pipeline


Net New Leads

Lola.com uses LeadSift to power marketing campaigns with automation and new leads.

AGS LeadSift Case Study

Prioritized ABM

How Atlantic Growth Solutions Uses LeadSift to Prioritize Leads and Start Conversations

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"The best intent-based lead generator we have found"

We’re able to get good volumes of real people who are showing signs of activity in our target marketplaces. The contact details have a high degree of accuracy so our outreach campaigns end up being quite efficient.

"Great product for warmer prospect outreach!"

The product functionality is really strong, and they also have great customer on-boarding and customer support.

"Great Software Backed by a Great Team"

Aside from real-time insights into my core personas (a huge boon for our outbound sales strategy), the LeadSift team is made up of innovative, kind and strategic people who are fully invested in my success. It feels great to have that kind of support when implementing a new technology.

"Impressive technology and awesome staff"

The data that we received was excellent. The onboarding and support teams were awesome got us up and running quickly.

"Critical tool and resource for scaling outbound"

Thanks to a very comprehensive on-boarding process and excellent account support, we were able to scale outbound rapidly in the first month.

"If you have a need for leads, get LeadSift with speed."

Easy integration with pardot. Provides a good volume of leads. Leads have good deliverability. Easy to use and can often find leads that have interest where you did not expect. Best used with a lead nurturing program.

"Best easy to use lead generation tool"

Lead generation has been a huge win for us with Leadsift, most importantly it has helped us realize, what industries and buyer personas are more likely to be interested in our product.

"Agile service"

When asked what they like best: “The simplicity of the value delivered. The list could be easily retrieved.”

"Many use-cases"

It gives you some basic intent data to go after, which is especially great when you are at a company with no inbound leads or marketing efforts.

"Love collecting data passively and the customer support is great!"

We’ve had an extremely busy year and LeadSift allows us to passively add new prospects to Salesforce with useful data points that we’d never be able to do ourselves.

"Amazing for finding new contacts, who I often have never seen on Sales Navigator or ZoomInfo."

Once you get your filters and triggers set – it is a great tool for finding targeted contacts, with intel into their buying signals.

"Love This Software!"

We use Leadsift for lead generation. Their reports are filled with the exact personas we are targeting. Looking forward to closing more deals.

"LeadSift has been a great source for new leads"

LeadSift has been most helpful with targeting specific groups of people that engage within our industry and have helpful with building out our campaign methods. Leadsift has helped us find the right contacts that are actively seeking our product.

"The best tool for intent data"

LeadSift is one of the best tools that provide prospects with intent data. LeadSift helps us feed our sales team with qualified prospects. The sales team has a great source that provides correct prospects when doing lead generation. LeadSift fuels our outbound sales with exactly what we are searching for.