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Our Customers

70% of B2B marketers are using intent data to grow revenue faster.

Here’s how our customers are using LeadSift to do just that.


RevOptimal Uses the API to Build Intent Into Their Tool for Happier Customers

Tool stack: LeadSift Intent API

Use cases: adding intent as a feature directly in the platform for their users


How 50% of meetings come from intent, clients stay longer, and SDRs are happier

Tool stack: Salesforce

Use cases: sales outreach, reduce meeting no-shows, intent-based personalization


How to Build a Multi-Channel Strategy to Attribute 60% of Revenue to Intent

 Tool stack: Salesforce, Outreach, Google Ads

Use cases: lead scoring, email nurture, ads, sales outreach, ABM


How to Use Contact-Level Intent Data to Target B2B Audiences on Facebook

Tool stack: Facebook Ads

Use cases: B2B ad targeting on Facebook


Convert 35% of Leads to MQLs with Contact-Level Custom Ad Audiences

Tool stack: Google and Social Media Ads

Use cases: custom intent audiences, prioritization


How Abacus Increased Revenue by 30% with Intent-Based Prospecting and Qualifying

Tool stack: CRM

Use cases: sales and marketing alignment, lead scoring, prospecting

Here’s what our customers have to say

Steve LaChance, CMO

“Creating a lead funnel you can take action with is difficult enough when you’re just starting a company. LeadSift solves that problem while also layering in the recent past for an intent score – the result is not only people to speak with, but also people actively looking for a solution. With sincere motives, a marketer can really move the needle for their customers and company.”

Emily O'Connell, Partnerships & Business Development Manager

“Switch from what you’re using to LeadSift. I love that you can set it and forget it. Set up all your parameters and filters, and watch the data flow through. If you find that you want even more data, remove some filters. It’s been great so far!”


Andy Keehn, Director of Demand Generation

“We are identifying accounts that are in the market that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. It makes outbound selling and marketing to relevant accounts much easier. The Salesforce integration is great, and the cleanliness of the data is good. The bounce rates are low, and our team is able to clearly understand why the person was pulled in.”