We ran an un-gated webinar with Proposify‘s CEO, Kyle Racki. You can watch it any time, but we wanted to understand what Proposify’s marketing strategy looks like versus what their audience is doing and cares about.

So we analyzed their ICP and their competitors. We found out what topics their competitors create more content on and what topics their audience consumes. With Kyle, we analyzed the gaps and overlaps on this.

Then, we looked at which events Kyle’s buyers are going to compared to which events his competitors sponsor. It’s fair to say we uncovered some missed opportunities that Kyle’s taking forward.

So, let’s get into what we found out and what to do with the information…

Proposify’s Marketing Strategy Breakdown

Proposify is a SaaS company that helps Sales pros send better, slicker proposals to their prospects. They integrate with SalesForce, but try to help buyers have a slicker experience when buying.

A lot of Proposify’s content is around sales strategy, the sales process, operations, enablement and proposals of course. They target the mid market, talking to Sales and Marketing leaders along with Sales or Revenue Ops.

The Sales, Marketing and Rev Ops teams usually have different use cases for the product, meaning they’ll need different content.

The events they care about are DreamForce and mainly Hubspot Inbound this year, with AA-ISP local events too. With that in mind, where are the gaps?

Competitor content topics

This was an interesting one. Proposify do not really talk about SalesForce in their content, but it’s a big part of their value proposition. They integrate with SFDC, and a lot of their competitors talk about SalesForce in their content.

In the latter stages of a sales cycle, Proposify helps you a great deal. So it’s natural to talk about closing, deal velocity and things further down the deal cycle than the specific tools that people use for those stages.

We also found an anomaly that hardly any of the competitors are talking about but the buyers are engaging with…


Content Topics

Within the broader topic of Sales, we spotted that a prominent topic out there was closed-won analysis. And under SalesForce where Proposify have less content than their competitors, we found that “reducing manual data entry” was a key subtopic. This aligns to a value proposition Proposify’s Sales team mention on their calls. That’s one thing that Kyle’s team are going to be writing about soon!

One of the action items Kyle’s team is going to take after seeing this data is to review their content categories. It’s easy to talk about “Sales” at a high level and talk about lead generation, but the data shows other subtopics are what their ICP is talking about. You can begin to build a funnel too.

For Proposify, response management is probably a lower stage of the funnel piece of content. You wouldn’t read an article on that unless you were a really good fit for Proposify. But closed-won analysis is something that is more top of funnel, where more SaaS sales leaders would be interested in that content. From building out the funnel in this way, you can begin to work out a calendar that addresses all the key topics with equal weight.


Event Marketing Strategy

This was our favorite part of the webinar. We found a bunch of events that Proposify had not heard of, that their buyers are going to, that their competitors do not go to.

DreamForce is the big event in their space, along with Inbound. But MidWest Dreaming, sounding like a country music hit single, is a killer event for Proposify. Why?

Because it’s big, their competitors don’t attend it and their ICP attend this event in their droves.


If you want your marketing strategy analyzed, talk to us. We do this for the fun of it and the process of understanding the gaps and overlaps in a marketing strategy. To understand where the opportunities are. Visit this page to watch the full webinar any time and fill out the form at the bottom if you want to do this with us.