There are many benefits a properly deployed CRM solution can provide – but they must all ultimately boil down to measurable business results to be significant.

Basic CRM – typically just a database of names, contact information and a few notes on past interactions with the company – is no longer enough to generate these results. Companies that want to stay ahead of the curve must understand their customers much more deeply.

The companies that enrich their contact data with robust insights, such as profile information, intent to purchase and more, will see faster growth, better long-term relationships with their customers, and a more effective sales and marketing team.

Better business results by empowering your team

Access to detailed, accurate information about contacts improves your team’s ability to target, prepare and develop productive relationships with prospects. The more information they have about each prospect, the more they will be able to understand and address their needs.

Enriched contact data means improved lead quality. This is particularly important for your sales team, as they will be able to focus on the leads that appear most promising while minimizing wasted efforts on dead ends.

More robust contact data also helps your team avoid duplicating their efforts. Understanding how contacts can be grouped together more effectively – for communication via targeted email newsletters, for instance – avoids overlapping messages or unfocused calls-to-action.

And enriched data can improve adoption among reluctant team members. Once they begin to see their colleagues generating real results by leveraging the insights within your CRM system, they will be eager to learn and embrace the new technology.

Better business results by delighting your customers

Two thirds of customers say they would spend more with a company that provides them with excellent customer service, while three out of four have already spent more with a company because of a history of positive customer service experiences. Your customers are willing to pay for excellent experiences, and an enriched CRM system can help you deliver them.

Knowing your customers’ needs, values and behaviors enables you to respond quickly and accurately to their customer service inquiries, delighting them and strengthening your relationship.

Enriching the contact data in your CRM can help you strengthen the messaging directed to highly targeted audience segments. Having a full 360-degree view of the individuals and groups in your database allows you to send more targeted messages that will see better engagement.

And targeted messages can extend beyond groups down to the individual level. Enriched data is essential for creating personalized experiences – whether on social media, via email or on a phone call – that are tailored to each individual customer.

Better business results. Period.

Knowledge is power, especially in today’s digital world. Comprehensive insights about your customers are absolutely essential for your company to continue to grow and evolve. Knowing your customer, and using this knowledge to empower your team and deliver delightful experiences, is the best way to remain competitive and agile.

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