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LeadSift Category List

LeadSift Intent Categories
.NET Developers
.NET Integrated Development Environments (IDE)
3D Modeling Software
3D Painting Software
3D Parts Catalogs Software
3D Printing Software
3D Rendering Software
3D Web Design Services Providers
3PL Software
409A Valuations Providers Service
A/B Testing Software
AB Tasty Consulting Providers
Absence Management Software
Academic Advising Software
Account Data Management Software
Account-Based Advertising Software
Account-Based Analytics Software
Account-Based Direct Mail Software
Account-Based Marketing Consulting Providers
Account-Based Orchestration Platforms
Account-Based Web and Content Experiences Software
Accounting Firms
Accounting Practice Management Software
Accounting Software
Acumatica Channel Partners
Acumatica Consulting Providers
Ad Network Software
Address Verification Software
Admission-Based Nonprofit Software
Admissions and Enrollment Management Software
Adobe Channel Partners
AdRoll Consulting Providers
Advanced Distribution Management Systems
Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Software
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Hardware
Affiliate Marketing Programs Software
Aggregation Services Routers
AI Development Services Providers
AI Platforms Software
AI Sales Assistant Software
AI Writing Assistant Software
AIOps Platforms
Airline Reservations Software
Airline Route Planning Software
All-Flash Arrays (AFA) Hardware
ALM Suites Software
Alumni Management Software
Amazon Aurora Consulting Providers
Amazon CloudFront Consulting Providers
Amazon DynamoDB Consulting Providers
Amazon EC2 Consulting Providers
Amazon EMR Consulting Providers
Amazon Kinesis Consulting Providers
Amazon Marketing Services Providers
Amazon RDS Consulting Providers
Amazon Redshift Consulting Providers
Amazon S3 Consulting Providers
Amazon Web Services Channel Partners
Amusement Park and Attraction Software
Ancillary Care Providers
Android Developers
Animation Software
Anti Money Laundering Software
Antivirus Software
AP Automation Software
API Management Software
API Marketplace Software
App Localization Providers
App Monetization Software
App Store Optimization Software
Apparel Business Management and ERP Software
Apparel Design Software
Applicant Tracking Systems
Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software
Application Release Orchestration Software
Application Security Services Providers
Application Server Software
Application Shielding Software
Appointment Reminder Software
AR Automation Software
AR Content Management Systems
AR Game Engine Software
AR Training Simulator Software
AR Visualization Software
AR WYSIWYG Editor Software
Architectural Rendering Software
Architecture Software
Artificial Intelligence Consulting Providers
Artificial Neural Network Software
Assessment Software
Asset Leasing Software
Asset Performance Management Software
Asset Tracking Software
Assisted Living Software
Association Management Software
Attribution Software
Auction Software
Audience Response Software
Audio Conferencing Software
Audio Editing Software
Audio Engine Software
Audio Translation Services
Audit Management Software
Auditing Services Providers
Augmented Reality SDK Software
Auto Dialer Software
Auto Repair Software
Autodesk BIM 360 Integration Partners
Autodesk Channel Partners
Automotive Marketing Software
Automotive Retail Software
Aviation Authoring Software
Aviation Compliance Monitoring Software
Aviation Document Distribution Software
Aviation MRO Software
Awards Management Software
AWS Lambda Consulting Providers
AWS WAF Consulting Providers
B2B Services Review Platforms
Background Check Software
Bakery Software
Banking Software
Barcode Software
Batch Management Software
Battery Storage Systems Providers
Benefits Administration Services Providers
Benefits Administration Software
Benefits Support Software
Bid Management Software
Big Data Analytics Software
Big Data Integration Platform
Big Data Processing and Distribution Software
Billing Software
Biometric Authentication Software
Blade Servers
Block Storage Software
Blockchain Platforms Software
Blog Writing Services Providers
Blogger Outreach Software
Board Management Software
Bookkeeping Services Providers
Bookmark Manager Software
Bot Detection and Mitigation Software
Bot Platforms Software
Brand Protection Software
Branding Agencies
Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Software
Brewery Software
Brightpearl Consulting Providers
Broadleaf Commerce Consulting Providers
Brokerage Management Software
Brokerage Trading Platforms Software
Browser Isolation Software
Browser Software
Budgeting and Forecasting Software
Bug Tracking Software
Build Automation Software
Building Design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software
Bundled Pay Management Software
Business Activity Monitoring Software
Business ByDesign Consulting Providers
Business ByDesign Resellers
Business Card Scanning Software
Business Continuity Management Software
Business Filing and Licensing Providers
Business Instant Messaging Software
Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting Providers
Business Intelligence Platforms
Business Music Software
Business Plan Consulting Providers
Business Process Management Software
Business Travel Management Services Providers
Buyer Intent Data Tools
C/C++ Integrated Development Environments (IDE)
CAD Data Exchange Software
CAD Libraries Software
CAD Viewers Software
Calendar Software
Calibration Software
Camp Management Software
Candidate Relationship Management Software
Cannabis Retail POS Software
Cannabis Seed to Sale Software
Capital Project Management Software
Car Dealer Software
Car Rental Software
Career Management Software
Cash Flow Management Software
Catalog Management Software
Catering Software
CCaaS Software
Cemetery Software
Ceridian Consulting Providers
Channel Management Software
Child Care Software
Chiropractic Software
Church Management Software
Church Presentation Software
Cisco Cloud Resellers
Cisco Data Center Resellers
Cisco Hardware Resellers
Cisco Unified Communications Resellers
Civil Engineering Design Software
Classroom Management Software
Classroom Messaging Software
Cleaning Services Software
Click Fraud Software
Client Portal
Clinical Communication and Collaboration Software
Clinical Documentation Software
Clinical Trial Management Software
Closed Captioning Services
Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Software
Cloud Communication Platforms
Cloud Compliance Software
Cloud Consulting Providers
Cloud Content Collaboration Software
Cloud Cost Management Software
Cloud Data Security Software
Cloud DDoS Mitigation Software
Cloud Directory Services Software
Cloud Email Security Software
Cloud FIle Storage Software
Cloud Infrastructure Automation Software
Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Software
Cloud Management Platforms
Cloud Migration Services Providers
Cloud Migration Software
Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) Software
Cloud Storage Hardware
Cloud Workload Protection Platforms Software
CMMS Software
CMS Tools
Cold Storage Software
Collaborative Whiteboard Software
Collections Management Software
Commenting Systems
“Commodity Trading, Transaction, and Risk Management (CTRM) Software”
Communications and Media Software
Community Association Management Software
Compensation Management Software
Competitive Intelligence Tools
Complaint Management Software
Component Content Management Systems
Component Libraries Software
Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Software
Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software
Computer-Assisted Translation Software
Concierge Software
Conference Intelligence Software
Configuration Management Software
Conflict Check Software
Connected Worker Platform
Consent Management Software
Constant Contact Consulting Providers
Construction Accounting Software
Construction Estimating Software
Construction Management Software
Construction Suites Software
Consumer Video Feedback Software
Contact Center Operations Software
Contact Center Quality Assurance Software
Contact Center Workforce Software
Container Engine Software
Container Management Software
Container Monitoring Software
Container Networking Software
Container Orchestration Software
Container Registry Software
Container Security Software
Content Analytics Software
Content Creation Software
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Software
Content Distribution Software
Content Editing Services Providers
Content Experience Software
Content Marketing Agencies
Content Writing Services Providers
Continuous Delivery Software
Continuous Deployment Software
Continuous Integration Tools
Contract Management Software
Contractor Management Software
Conversation Intelligence Software
Conversational Customer Engagement Software
Conversational Marketing Software
Cookie and Website Tracker Scanning Software
Core Administrative Processing Systems Software
Core HR Software
Corporate Law Firms
Corporate LMS Software
Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Software
Corporate Tax Software
Corporate Volunteering Platform
Corporate Wellness Consulting Providers
Corporate Wellness Software
Courier Software
Course Authoring Software
Court Management Software
Coworking Spaces
CPQ Software
Creative Management Platforms
Creative Portfolio Management Software
Credit and Collections Software
CRM All-in-One Software
CRM in Pharma and Biotech Software
CRM Software
Crop Management Software
Cross Border E-Commerce Software
Cross-Channel Advertising Software
Cross-Platform Developers
Crowdsourced Testing Software
Cryptocurrency Custody Software
Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Cryptocurrency Mining Software
Cryptocurrency Payment Apps
Cryptocurrency Wallets
Currency Exchange Bureau Software
Curriculum Management Software
Customer Advocacy Software
Customer Communications Management Software
Customer Data Platform (CDP) Software
Customer Identity and Access Management Software
Customer Journey Analytics Software
Customer Journey Mapping Software
Customer Revenue Optimization Software
Customer Self-Service Software
Customer Success Software
Customer Success Training Providers
Cybersecurity Consulting Providers
Data Breach Notification Software
Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software
Data Center Infrastructure Providers
Data Center Networking Software
Data Center Security Software
Data Center Switches
Data De-identification/Pseudonymity Software
Data Entry Services Providers
Data Extraction Software
Data Governance Services Providers
Data Governance Software
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Software
Data Management Platform (DMP) Software
Data Mapping Software
Data Masking Software
Data Preparation Software
Data Privacy Platforms
Data Privacy Software
Data Quality Software
Data Security Services Providers
Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Software
Data Virtualization Software
Data Visualization Software
Data Warehouse Software
Data-Centric Security Software
Database as a Service (DBaaS) Provider
Database Backup Software
Database Comparison Software
Database Monitoring Software
Database Security Software
DDoS Protection Software
Decision-Making Software
Deltek Channel Partners
Demand Planning Software
Demand Side Platform (DSP)
Dental Imaging Software
Dental Practice Management Software
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Providers
Desktop Database Software
Desktop Publishing Software
Desktop Search Software
Development Analytics Tools
Diagramming Software
Digital Adoption Platform Software
Digital Analytics Software
Digital Asset Management Software
Digital Banking Platforms
Digital Document Destruction Services Providers
Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Software
Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Software
Digital Forensics Software
Digital Governance Software
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Process Automation (DPA) Software
Digital Signage Software
Digital Transformation Consulting Providers
Digital Twin Software
Digital Wayfinding Software
Direct Mail Automation Software
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Software
Disaster Recovery Software
Disclosure Management Software
Discrete ERP Software
Disease Management Software
Disk Cleanup Software
Display Ad Design Software
Display Advertising Software
Distribution ERP Software
Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Providers
Diversity Recruiting Software
DMARC Software
DNS Security Software
Document Creation Software
Document Databases Software
Document Drafting Solutions Software
Document Generation Software
Document Scanning Services Providers
Document Scanning Software
Document Translation Services
Domain Registration Providers
Donor Management Software
Donor Prospect Research Software
Dotdigital Consulting Providers
Drag and Drop App Builder Software
Drawing Software
Drift Consulting Providers
Driving School Software
Drop Shipping Software
Drug Discovery Software
Drug Inventory Management Software
Drug Testing Software
Drupal Development Companies
Dry Cleaning Software
Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Software
Dynamic Yield Consulting Providers
E-commerce Analytics Software
E-Commerce Data Integration Software
E-Commerce Development Companies
E-Commerce Personalization Software
E-Commerce Platforms
E-Commerce Tools
E-Filing Platforms
E-Merchandising Software
E-Notary Software
E-Prescribing Software
E-Signature Software
Edge Routers
eDiscovery Software
EHR Software
eLearning Content Software
eLearning Localization Providers
Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Software
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software
Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Software
Email Anti-spam Software
Email Archiving Software
Email Client Software
Email Deliverability Software
Email Encryption Software
Email Marketing Services Providers
Email Marketing Software
Email Security Services Providers
Email Signature Software
Email Software
Email Template Builder Software
Email Testing Software
Email Tracking Software
Email Verification Software
Emarsys Consulting Providers
Embedded Business Intelligence Software
Emergency Management Software
Emergency Medical Services Software
Emergency Notification Software
Employee Advocacy Software
Employee Communications Software
Employee Engagement Software
Employee Intranet Software
Employee Monitoring Software
Employee Recognition Software
Employee Referral Software
Employee Scheduling Software
Encryption Key Management Software
Encryption Software
Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Software
Endpoint Management Software
Endpoint Protection Suites
Endpoint Security Services Providers
Energy Consulting Providers
Energy Management Software
Enterprise App Store Software
Enterprise Architecture Software
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software
Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) Software
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software
Enterprise Drone Analytics Software
Enterprise Feedback Management Software
Enterprise Information Archiving Software
Enterprise IT Management Suites Software
Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) Software
Enterprise Mobility Management Software
Enterprise Monitoring Software
Enterprise Payment Software
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Consultants Providers
Enterprise Search Software
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Software
Enterprise Wiki Software
Environmental Health and Safety Software
Epicor Channel Partners
Episerver Consulting Providers
Equipment Rental Software
Equity Management Software
ERP Systems
eSports Management Software
Ethics and Compliance Learning Software
ETL Tools
ETO ERP Software
Event Management Platforms
Event Management Services Providers
Event Marketing Software
Event Planning Software
Event Registration & Ticketing Software
Event Stream Processing Software
Exit Interview Management Software
Expense Management Software
Experiential Marketing Agencies
Exploration Software
Fabric Interconnects
Facility Management Software
Farm Management Software
Fax Software
Field Sales Software
Field Service Management Software
File Converter Software
File Migration Software
File Reader Software
File Recovery Software
Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing Service Providers
Financial Aid Management Software
Financial Analysis Software
Financial Analytics Software
Financial Audit Software
Financial Close Software
Financial Consulting Providers
Financial Data APIs
Financial Predictive Analytics Software
Financial Research Software
Financial Risk Management Software
Financial Services CRM Software
Financial Wellness Software
FinancialForce Consulting Providers
Fire Department Software
Firewall Hardware
Firewall Software
Fleet Maintenance Software
Fleet Management Consulting Providers
Fleet Management Software
Fleet Tracking Software
Flight Operation Manual Authoring Software
Flipbook Software
Florist Software
Font Management Software
Food Traceability Software
Foodservice Distribution Software
Foodservice Management Software
Foreign Exchange Software
Forestry Software
Fraud Detection Software
Fraud Protection Software
Freelance Management Platforms
Freelance Platforms
Freight Forwarding Services Providers
Freight Management Software
Fundraising Software
Funeral Home Software
G Suite Academic Software
G Suite Administration Software
G Suite Communication Tools
G Suite Consulting Providers
G Suite Creative Tools
G Suite Development Tools
G Suite ERP Software
G Suite for Finance Software
G Suite for HR Software
G Suite for Marketing Software
G Suite for Sales Software
G Suite Office Tools
G Suite Project Management Software
G Suite Teacher Resources Software
G Suite Utilities Software
Gallery Management Software
Game Engine Software
Game Localization Services
Gamification Software
Gaming Tools
General-Purpose CAD Software
Geofencing Software
Geology and Seismic Software
GIS Software
Global Trade Management Software
Golf Software
Google Chrome Enterprise Consulting Providers
Google Cloud Platform Consulting Providers
Google for Education Consulting Providers
Google Maps Platform Consulting Providers
Grant Management Software
Graph Databases Software
Graphic Design Services Providers
GRC Platforms
Grocery Delivery Software
Guest Messaging Software
Guest Wi-Fi Providers
Gym Management Software
Hadoop Operations Providers
Handwritten Notes Software
Harbor Operations Software
Hard Drive Cloning Software
Hard Drive Partitioning Software
Hardware Monitoring Software
Hashtag Monitoring Software
Hatchbuck Agency Partners
Headless CMS Software
Health & Safety Providers
Health Care Credentialing Software
Health Insurance Platforms
Healthcare Analytics Software
Healthcare Claims Management Software
Healthcare Compliance Software
Healthcare HR Software
Healthcare Integration Engines Software
Healthcare Payer Care Management Workflow Applications Software
Healthcare Risk Management Software
Healthcare Service Providers
Healthcare Staffing Services
Healthcare Supply Chain Software
Heat Maps Software
Help Authoring Tool (HAT) Software
Help Desk Software
Higher Education Student Information Systems
HIPAA Compliant Messaging Software
Home Furnishing Software
Home Health Care Software
Home Inspection Software
Host Analytics Channel Partners
Hotel Management Software
Hotel Reservations Software
HR Analytics Consulting Providers
HR Analytics Software
HR Case Management Software
HR Compliance Software
HR Consulting Providers
HR Management Suites Software
HR Service Delivery Software
HubSpot Consulting Providers
Human Services Software
HVAC Software
Hybrid Cloud Storage Software
Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Solutions
IBM Security VARs
IBM Server VARs
IBM Storage VARs
Idea Management Software
Identity Resolution Software
Identity Verification Software
Image Recognition Software
In-Person Community Management Software
In-Store Logistics Systems
Inbound Call Tracking Software
Incident Management Software
Incident Response Services Providers
Incident Response Software
Indoor Access Points
Industrial AR Platforms
Industrial Routers
Industrial Security Hardware
Industrial Switching
Influencer Marketing Software
Infor CloudSuite Consulting Providers
Infor CRM Consulting Providers
Infor CRM Resellers
Infor Distribution FACTS Resellers
Infor Distribution SX.e Resellers
Infor EAM Consulting Providers
Infor EAM Resellers
Infor Lawson Consulting Providers
Infor LN Consulting Providers
Infor LN Resellers
Infor M3 Consulting Providers
Infor M3 Resellers
Infor SunSystems Consulting Providers
Infor SunSystems Resellers
Infor SyteLine Consulting Providers
Infor SyteLine Resellers
Infor VISUAL Resellers
Infor XA Resellers
Infor Xi Consulting Providers
Infor Xi Resellers
Information Stewardship Applications Software
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Providers
Insight Engines Software
Installment Payment Software
Insurance Agency Management Software
Insurance Analytics Software
Insurance Billing Software
Insurance Claims Management Software
Insurance Compliance Software
Insurance Policy Administration Systems
Insurance Suites Software
Integrated Revenue and Customer Management (IRCM) for CSPs Software
Integration Brokerage Software
Intellectual Property (IP) Law Firms
Intellectual Property Management Software
Interactive Patient Care Systems (IPC)
Interior Design Services Providers
Internet of Things (IoT) Developers
Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Interpretation Services
Interview Scheduling Software
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)
Inventory Control Software
Investigation Management Software
Investment Accounting Software
Investment Firms
Investment Portfolio Management Software
Investor Relations (IR) Website Builder Software
Investor Relationship Management Software
Investor Reporting Software
Invoice Management Software
iOS Developers
IoT Analytics Software
IoT Development Tools
IoT Device Management Software
IoT Operating Systems
IoT Platforms
IoT Security Services Providers
IoT Security Software
iPaaS Software
IT Alerting Software
IT Asset Management Software
IT Compliance Services Providers
IT Infrastructure Consulting Providers
IT Infrastructure Utility Services
IT Outsourcing Services
IT Portfolio Analysis Software
IT Process Automation Software
IT Resilience Orchestration Automation (ITRO) Software
IT Risk Management Software
IT Service Management Tools Software
IT Strategy Consulting Providers
“ITSM Tool Implementation, Consulting, and Managed Services Providers”
Jail Management Software
Java Development Providers
Java Integrated Development Environments (IDE)
Java Web Frameworks Software
JavaScript Developers
JavaScript Web Frameworks Software
Jewelry Store Management Software
Job Boards Software
Job Description Management Software
Job Shop Management Software
K-12 Student Information Systems
Kanban Software
Kennel Software
Key-Value Stores
Klaviyo Consulting Providers
Kronos Consulting Providers
Lab Inventory Management Software
Label Printing Software
Laboratory Services Providers
LAN Switches
Landing Page Builders
Landscape Design Software
Language Learning Software
Lead Capture Software
Lead Generation Services
Lead Intelligence Software
Lead Mining Software
Lead Retrieval Software
Lead Scoring Software
Leadership Training Providers
Learning Experience Platform (LEP) Software
Learning Management System
Lease Accounting Software
Lease Administration Software
Legal Billing Software
Legal Case Management Software
Legal Hold Software
Legal Practice Management Software
Legal Research Software
Library Management Software
Life & Health Insurance Agency Management Software
Life Insurance Policy Administration Systems
LIMS Software
Listrak Consulting Providers
Live Chat Software
Live Stream Broadcasting Software
Live Stream Software
Livestock Management Software
Load Balancing
Load Testing Software
Loan Origination Software
Loan Servicing Software
Local Listing Management Software
Local SEO Software
Location Intelligence Software
Location-Based Marketing Software
Log Analysis Software
Log Monitoring Software
Lost and Found Software
Low-Code Development Platforms Software
Loyalty Management Software
M&A Platforms
Machine Learning Data Catalog Software
Machine Learning Operationalization Software
Machine Learning Software
Machine Translation Software
Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services Providers
Managed DNS Providers Software
Managed File Transfer (MFT) Software
Managed Hosting Providers
Managed IT Services Providers
Managed Live Chat Providers
Managed Print Services
Managed Security Services Providers
Managed Services
Managed SIEM Services Providers
Managed Workplace Services (MWS) Software
Management Consulting Providers
Manufacturing Execution System
Manufacturing Intelligence Software
Marina Management Software
Market Intelligence Software
Market Research Services Providers
Marketing Account Intelligence Software
Marketing Analytics Service Providers
Marketing Analytics Software
Marketing Automation Consulting Providers
Marketing Automation Software
Marketing Calendar Software
Marketing Localization Providers
Marketing Resource Management Software
Marketing Strategy Agencies
Marketo Consulting Providers
Marketplace Software
Martial Arts Software
Master Data Management (MDM) Software
Mechanical Estimating Software
Media and Influencer Targeting Software
Media Monitoring Software
Medical Billing Software
Medical Practice Management Software
Medical QMS Software
Medical Staff Scheduling Software
Medical Transcription Services Providers
Medical Transcription Software
Medication Dispensing Software
Meeting Management Software
Meeting Room Booking Systems
Mental Health Software
Mentoring Software
MEP Software
Merchant Marketing Software
Message Queue (MQ) Software
Meter Data Management Software
Microlearning Platforms
Microsoft Azure Consulting Providers
Microsoft Azure Resellers
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultants Providers
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Resellers
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting Providers
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resellers
Microsoft Dynamics AX Consulting Providers
Microsoft Dynamics AX Resellers
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting Providers
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resellers
Microsoft Dynamics GP Consulting Providers
Microsoft Dynamics GP Resellers
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Consulting Providers
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Resellers
Microsoft Dynamics SL Consulting Providers
Microsoft Dynamics SL Resellers
Microsoft Office 365 Consulting Providers
Microsoft Office 365 Resellers
Mileage Tracking Software
Mind Mapping Software
Mining Software
Miva Consulting Providers
Mixed Mode ERP Software
Mobile Advertising Software
Mobile App Analytics Software
Mobile App Debugging Software
Mobile App Optimization Software
Mobile App Testing Software
Mobile Application Management Software
Mobile Attribution Software
Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS) Software
Mobile Banking Software
Mobile Crash Reporting Software
Mobile Data Security Software
Mobile Development Frameworks Software
Mobile Development Platforms Software
Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software
Mobile E-Commerce Software
Mobile Event Apps
Mobile Forms Automation Software
Mobile Marketing Companies
Mobile Marketing Software
Mobility Consulting Providers
Mortgage CRM Software
MPM and MbM Technology for Process Manufacturing Software
Multi-Country Payroll Software
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Software
Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software
Multicarrier Parcel Management Solutions Software
Multichannel Retail Software
Multifamily Software
Multilingual Desktop Publishing Providers
Multimedia Localization Providers
Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Listing Software
Museum Management Software
Native Advertising Software
Natural Language Generation (NLG) Software
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software
Negotiation Training Providers
NetSuite Resellers
Network Access Control Software
Network Attached Storage (NAS) Hardware
Network Automation Software
Network Management Software
Network Monitoring Software
Network Sandboxing Software
Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) Software
Network Security Services Providers
Network Traffic Analysis Software (NTA)
Nextopia Consulting Providers
No-Code Development Platforms Software
Node.js Developers
Non-Native Database Management Systems
Nonprofit Accounting Software
Nonprofit Auction Software
Nonprofit Consulting Providers
Nonprofit CRM Software
Nonprofit Payment Gateway Software
Note-Taking Management Software
Object Storage Software
Object-Oriented Databases Software
Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Software
OCR Software
Offboarding Software
Office 365 Management Software
Office Suites Software
Oil and Gas Asset Management Software
Oil and Gas Back Office Software
Oil and Gas Engineering Software
Oil and Gas Project Management Software
Oil and Gas Simulation and Modeling Software
Oil and Gas Training Software
Oil Production Software
Omnichannel Platforms Software
On-Demand Catering Software
On-Demand Staffing Services Providers
On-Demand Wellness Software
On-Premise Data Integration Software
Onboarding Software
Online Appointment Scheduling Software
Online Backup Software
Online Community Management Software
Online Course Providers
Online Form Builder Software
Online Learning Platform
Online Marketplace Optimization Tools
Online Program Management in Higher Education Providers
Online Proofing Software
Online Reputation Management Software
Operating System
Operational Risk Management Software
Optometry Software
Oracle Bronto Consulting Providers
Oracle Cloud Application Resellers
Oracle CX – Customer Experience Cloud Consulting Providers
Oracle Database Consulting Providers
Oracle Database Resellers
Oracle E-Business Suite Consulting Providers
Oracle E-Business Suite Resellers
Oracle EPM – Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Consulting Providers
Oracle ERP Cloud Consulting Providers
Oracle Fusion Applications Consulting Providers
Oracle Fusion Applications Resellers
Oracle HCM – Human Capital Management Cloud Consulting Providers
Oracle Hyperion Consulting Providers
Oracle Hyperion Resellers
Oracle Industry Solutions Consulting Providers
Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Consulting Providers
Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Resellers
Oracle PeopleSoft Consulting Providers
Oracle PeopleSoft Resellers
Oracle Primavera Consulting Providers
Oracle Primavera Resellers
Oracle SCM – Supply Chain Management Cloud Consulting Providers
Oracle Siebel Consulting Providers
Oracle Siebel Resellers
Oracle Taleo Consulting Providers
Order Management Software
Org Chart Software
OS Imaging & Deployment Software
Other Agriculture Software
Other Analytics Software
Other Apparel Software
Other Automotive Software
Other AWS Consulting Providers
Other B2B Services Providers
Other Business Finance Providers
Other CAD Software
Other Cannabis Software
Other Child Care Software
Other Cisco Resellers
Other Cloud Integration Software
Other Collaboration Software
Other Construction Software
Other Continuous Delivery Software
Other Conversion Rate Optimization Software
Other Creative Services Providers
Other Customer Service Software
Other Dental Software
Other Design Software
Other Development Services Providers
Other Development Software
Other Digital Advertising Software
Other Education Software
Other Email Software
Other Event Management Software
Other Finance & Admin. Software
Other Finance & Insurance Software
Other Fitness Software
Other Food Software
Other Gym Software
Other Health Care Operations Software
Other Health Care Software
Other Hospitality Software
Other Hosting Services Providers
Other HR Services Providers
Other HR Software
Other Implementation Services Providers
Other Infor Consulting Providers
Other Infor Resellers
Other Insurance Software
Other Integrated Development Environments (IDE)
Other IoT Software
Other IT Infrastructure Software
Other IT Management Software
Other IT Security Software
Other Laboratory Software
Other Lead Generation Software
Other Legal Services Providers
Other Legal Software
Other Life Sciences Software
Other Marine Software
Other Marketing Services Providers
Other Marketing Software
Other Medical Services Providers
Other Microsoft Consulting Providers
Other Microsoft Resellers
Other Mobile Development Software
Other Monitoring Software
Other Non-Relational Databases Software
Other Nonprofit Software
Other Office Software
Other Oil and Gas Software
Other Oracle Consulting Providers
Other Oracle Resellers
Other Patient Experience Software
Other Pharmacy Software
Other Privacy Software
Other Public Relations Software
Other Public Safety Software
Other Publisher Management Software
Other Real Estate Software
Other Recruiting Software
Other Reservations Software
Other Retail Software
Other Sage Resellers
Other Sales Software
Other Salesforce Consulting Providers
Other SAP Consulting Providers
Other SAP Resellers
Other Security Services Providers
Other Social Media Software
Other Solution Consulting Providers
Other Specialty Practice Management Software
Other Staffing Providers
Other Supply & Logistics Software
Other Transportation Software
Other Travel Arrangement Software
Other Utilities Software
Other VARs
Other Vertical Industry Software
Other Veterinary Software
Other Video Software
Other Web Frameworks Software
Other Workday Consulting Providers
Outbound Call Tracking Software
Outdoor Access Points
Outplacement Providers
Package Registry Software
Package Tracking Software
Parking Management Software
Parks and Recreation Software
Partner Management Software
Password Manager Software
Password Policy Enforcement Software
Patch Management Software
Patient Case Management Software
Patient Engagement Software
Patient Intake Software
Patient Relationship Management (PRM) Software
Patient Scheduling Software
Payment Analytics Software
Payment Gateways
Payment Processing Software
Payroll Services Providers
Payroll Software
PCB Design Software
PDF Editor Software
Peer Code Review Software
Pegasystems Consulting Providers
Penetration Testing Software
PEO Software
Performance Management System
Personal Training Software
Personalization Engines
Personalization Software
Pest Control Software
Pet Sitting and Daycare Software
Pharmaceutical Distribution Software
Pharmacy Management Systems
Pharmacy POS Software
Photo Editing Software
Photo Management Software
Photogrammetry Software
PHP Developers
PHP Integrated Development Environments (IDE)
PHP Web Frameworks Software
Physical Document Destruction Services Providers
Physical Security Software
Physical Therapy Software
Physics Engine Software
Picking Software
PLM Software
Podcast Hosting Software
Police Analytics Software
Police Software
Policy Management Software
Political Campaign Software
Pop-Up Builder Software
Population Health Management Software
Portals Software
Power BI Consulting Providers
PPC Services Providers
PR Analytics Software
PR Firms
Pre-Employment Testing Software
Precision Agriculture Software
Predictive Analytics Software
Presentation Software
Press Release Distribution Software
Pricing Software
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