Many marketers shy away from Twitter, because they see it as a tool for brand awareness and not much else. However, Twitter can be one of the most effective platforms for a direct response marketing campaign – if the right tools are in place.

Recently, a popular e-commerce company was facing poor performance from their direct marketing campaign on Twitter. While they did see some good reach on Twitter with interest and keyword handling, their conversions were falling short because their message wasn’t in front of the right audience at the right time.


The instinct to ignore Twitter when running a direct marketing campaign is often due to the assumption that Twitter offers marketers little to no ability to target users based on demographic or psychographic data. And while it’s true that Twitter does not explicitly capture this information, we were able to identify and target users for our client based on employment status, age range and online shopping personas using our proprietary technology.

We combined our audience targeting capabilities with powerful real-time media optimization technology from AdParlor, and helped the e-commerce company not only target and acquire more customers, but save money while doing it.

By creating audience profiles that pinpointed those users most likely to buy the advertiser’s product, we helped them maximize the impact of their media spend. Ultimately, they saw their conversion rate increase by 380 percent and their cost per acquisition fall by 47 percent compared to results from a less targeted Twitter campaign – impressive results that solidifies Twitter as an essential component of their Direct Response efforts.

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