Do car buyers differ from city to city? Do they choose their cars based on their personality? Or is their personality influenced by their choice of car?

LeadSift used data from its social intelligence platform, which enables brands to sift through millions of conversations to analyze consumer intent and interest, to compile insights about individuals expressing purchase intent for a car.

We explored social media posts from individuals located in four top cities in the United States: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Houston. We then identified the top three car brands in each city, and developed buyer personas based on demographic, psychographic and other data.

The results? Consumers intending to purchase a car in each city differed greatly from one another, both in terms of which car brand they preferred and their profiles.

For instance, New York business executives expressed a significant intent to a Jaguar. Skewing male, these consumers are interested in finance and the arts, and visit related outlets online: Marketwatch, the Caucus and Business Insider.

In Chicago, we see completely different buyer personas. One of them, also skewing male, is a Buick buyer. He is married with children and loves sports like baseball and basketball, but also has a funny side, enjoying Key & Peele or The Simpsons.

The vastly different buyer personas and preferred car brands in each city show us that geographic location has a significant impact on the choices a consumer will make.

Take a look at the infographic below for detailed profiles of BMW buyers in Los Angeles, Cadillac buyers in New York, Smartcar buyers in Houston and more.