NSBI and Branham Group teamed up to help Nova Scotian companies to book meetings at the latest Dreamforce 2016 conference. There are over 170,000 of attendees at Dreamforce, so Peter Wolchak (Chief Analyst @ Branham Group) was brought on to help create sales opportunities for his clients by booking meetings with potential prospects at the conference. Provided with just a list of exhibiting companies at the show – it was a daunting task for Peter to figure out the decision makers at these organizations and also identify who will be attending.



Branham Group teamed up with LeadSift to help Peter identify executives that would actually be attending Dreamforce. Filtering the data based on Job Title, Seniority and Industry parameters – made the task of getting key contacts at target organizations a breeze. The information also included direct contact information along with social profiles, so that Peter would be able to reach out directly to these contacts and not worry about manually searching databases for the contact info.

In addition to the net new prospects, LeadSift was able to help harness the power of Account Based Intelligence by providing the contact information for different decision makers in the account that he was already working on. He saw much success when these contacts were brought forward and was able to book multiple meetings for his clients.



Within just a few days of using LeadSift, Branham Group was able to book multiple sales meetings for his clients. Starting out his goal was to book 6 meetings per client, however he ended up doubling that number and was able to book 10-12 meetings for each client. The fact that LeadSift provided direct contact information to executives that were attending Dreamforce, saved Peter several hours of manual research and allowed him to focus on the actual outreach.


“Not only did LeadSift benefit Branham Group for this project but I can see working with LeadSift in the future.”


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