Deals abound on Black Friday. It’s the holiday before the holidays, and the main shopping day of the year for a sizable chunk of consumers. And this year looks to be the biggest Black Friday yet, with social media mentions up 20 percent over 2014.

However, there is one Black Friday deal better than cheap prices, especially for retailers: knowing your customer.

Because Black Friday has now become a holiday unto itself, with deals stretching from Thanksgiving to the end of the weekend, retailers have an unprecedented amount of data about shoppers that they can tap into.

And for retailers, this is a more enticing deal than half off HDTVs.

Consumer intelligence can offer up insights about who is shopping on Black Friday, what their wish lists contain, and can even help you create detailed personas of the shoppers most likely to purchase from your brand.

We’ve pulled statistics from our social intelligence platform to get a good look at the behavior and traits of shoppers on Black Friday, and compiled them into the handy infographic below.

Some of the more interesting tidbits we discovered?

We assume Black Friday shoppers are, of course, shopping for others. But what’s interesting is that the genders are pretty evenly split, with females buying for males and males buying for females in nearly even proportions. With the right deals, they could also be doing a little more than hinting but self-gifting as well.

What’s on the wish lists of these generous shoppers? Perfumes and colognes, and apps and games dominate.

And when you dig even deeper into consumer insights, you can begin to build personas of the different types of Black Friday shoppers.

For instance, you have the fashionista: the shopper who, fitting to the persona, is hunting down deals on clothing and jewelry – but specifically capris and sweater dresses. The electronics enthusiast who, along with the iPad Air 2, is in the market for a showerhead? And the entrepreneur is more interested in expanding their knowledge – hopefully Udemy has a Black Friday sale on courses.

Take a look at the infographic below for more insights about Black Friday shoppers: