This is a proud day for LeadSift. We’re launching a completely free tool named LeadSift Buzz, offering you the very best intelligence our system can offer.

So sales, customer success, marketing, competitive intelligence folks: this is for you.

What LeadSift Buzz can tell you

This is the fun part.

We can tell you when your target accounts have any of the following growth events going on, which you can use to reach out or market to them:

Attending Events

Don’t ask if prospects will be going to the upcoming trade-show. Use our intelligence to know when prospects are attending them.

Winning an Award

Everyone likes to get recognized – so do your prospects and customers. Show your key accounts that you care by congratulating them on their Wins.

Winning Funding

Funding = money to spend. Be the first to know when your target accounts have the cash to make a splash.

Opening New Offices

Want to find out when the company is growing FAST? – look no further than figuring out when they open a new office.

Growing the Team

Your accounts are growing their team. Be the first to know when new end-users join your target accounts.

Launching New Product

Need a personalized conversation starter? There is nothing better than asking them about the latest product launch.

Publishing Company Content

Your target account hosted a Webinar last week. Wouldn’t you like to know what that is about before you reach out?

So, how does it work and who would care about this?


Enter the domains of your target accounts into LeadSift Buzz. We will tell you every time one of the trigger events above is happening to your target accounts.

We know you’ll want to run ABM ads, tell your BDR team about what we’ve found, or maybe run your own email marketing nurture track to drive demand and pipeline for yourselves.



Reach out. It’s simple, get your intelligence from LeadSift Buzz, use it to reach out with great context to leverage. We’re talking about your target accounts and a way to get intelligence to use in your message, that requires 0 time or research effort from you.



Customer success

Enter your customers into LeadSift Buzz. Any time there is context you should be leveraging to reach out to them and send a positive message, or spot an opportunity to upsell we’re there to tell you about it.

New product? We’ll tell you so you can see if they need any more help. New office? We’ll tell you so you can reach out to your customer and congratulate them.

We want to arm customer success with more information about their customers so that they can proactively prevent churn and upsell.

Check out this video on how we are doing this ourselves!

Try it for free

All you need to do is visit this link. Fill out the form which takes less than 1 minute, enter your target accounts and watch your email notifications flood in.

Every week, we will email you letting you know about the latest “Buzz” on your target accounts or customers.