Great marketing campaigns are never static: they grow, change and adapt. And agencies that understand this will always be ahead of the competition.

Using LeadSift, many agencies have launched campaigns that are fuelled by insights – insights about their customers, their competitors, their content and the marketing environment. Leveraging these insights, agencies are able to react quickly to changes, develop new audiences, and ultimately produce better results.

The Consumer Intelligence Loop

To launch an effective campaign, an agency needs solid consumer intelligence. They must be able to build profiles of their audience, and use these insights to feed all other aspects of their campaign: Media Planning, Media Buying, Creatives and Community Engagement.

But an effective campaign is not enough. Agencies want campaigns that “wow.” Campaigns that blow away expectations and take things to the next level. In order to get there, they must participate in the consumer intelligence loop – an ongoing process where insights feed execution and execution feeds insights.

Media Planning

Consumer intelligence can guide media planning in a number of ways. Knowing their current consumers’ online behaviors, their brand preferences, demographics and interests enables an agency to laser-target the right media outlets. Whether to run a purely social campaign or cross channel, for instance, is a question that can be answered with great consumer intelligence.

And, since campaigns are not static, leveraging ongoing consumer intelligence will allow for repositioning and better targeting as the campaign runs.

Media Buying

Understanding how much to budget on each advertising platform can be difficult without a firm understanding of the target audience.

Demographic data, interest data and behavioural data can reveal the optimal price and placement for advertisements as a campaign launches, while continuing to collect and analyze intelligence will allow for more refined allocations of the budget as the audience engages with the campaign over time. 


The content of any given campaign must match the needs, interests and values of its target market. Choosing one image over another, or a direct CTA versus a subtle incentive, relies on consumer intelligence.

As consumers engage with various campaign creatives, more insights are delivered. The audience grows and changes, and the creatives must match their new composition. Agencies can harness the consumer intelligence loop to continually produce ads that resonate with their growing audience.

Community Engagement

Many agencies act as community managers when running campaigns, and understanding the consumer is no less important when engaging them directly.

Knowledge derived from customer service, brand advocates or in-market consumers, for example, can be used not only to better serve the community via social channels, but also to inform all other aspects of the campaign.

Closing the Loop

Consumer intelligence is an integral aspect of all components of a successful marketing campaign. Agencies that use intelligence only upon launching a campaign, or those who fail to dig deep into their insights, will run mediocre campaigns. Those that close the loop – by bringing consumer intelligence into every aspect of their campaign, on an on-going basis – are the agencies that will wow.